Falangio, the plant that purifies the air at home and eliminates indoor pollution

An ancient popular belief (wrong!) is that plants should not be kept in the house and particularly in the bedroom. Yet there are several species that help purify the air at home and eliminate indoor pollution. One of these is certainly the phalanx.

Phalange: the plant that purifies the air at home

You don’t need to close doors and windows to ensure you have clean air in your home. The phalanx absorbs and eliminates fine dust, fumes and exhaust gases that enter our homes, releasing substances harmful to health.

Also, when everything smells new, glues, paints and furniture finishes may contain formaldehyde. To eliminate it and purify the environment, you will need to put the Phalangium (chlorophytum comosum) into your home. Loading…

This plant is very easy to grow, it loves direct sun in all seasons except summer. Furthermore, it requires little water and grows quickly. To always have it beautiful and healthy you just need to water it at regular intervals and transplant it every year.

The phalanx is an excellent ally of the air in your home. Thanks to this plant you can finally say goodbye to pollution.

An air-saving tip: if you want to ventilate your home, open doors and windows early in the morning. This is the time of day when there is less pollution and the air is cleaner. Your lungs will thank you!