Finally discover why dust always finds its way to surfaces in the house

You’ve probably noticed that even after a good sweeping or thorough vacuuming, the dust always returns quickly. And it’s really annoying to have to clean the house every day. And if you think the problem might be with the devices you’re using, think again. The solution is to know the origin of the dust.

Find out why dust always ends up on the surfaces of your home.

In households with children and pets, it is completely normal for dust to settle and accumulate quickly. However, there are other reasons for this.

This includes the materials we use to cover accessories and furniture at home. They should not attract dust. This is especially true for wood, fabrics and carpets. Glass and steel are also affected.

Of course, we already have lights made from these materials, but if you’re thinking about buying a new one, choose materials that don’t attract dust.

These include plastics, stainless metals and painted wood. Secondly, you have to be careful when you get home. All the dust from outside collects on your clothes, bags and shoes.

So remember to prepare the entrance area well by having a microfiber cloth ready for cleaning. Due to the presence of paper objects, dust tends to stick to surfaces. Books, pins and magazines collect a lot of dust.

So remember to remove anything you don’t need and recycle paper and cardboard. But always get used to maintaining order.
What else should you consider?

In winter, don’t forget to clean the radiator thoroughly before turning it on, as it is a real breeding ground for dust. To do this, use a vacuum cleaner. The same goes for air conditioning filters. Clean them regularly to prevent dust from accumulating and pathogenic bacteria from multiplying.

Finally, remember to always use natural products to clean your home. You can make an ecological laundry detergent by mixing a tablespoon of baking soda with a little water. Add the mixture to a spray bottle and you’ll have a product that’s both cleansing and refreshing. Spray on dusty surfaces.