Food stains on clothes, grandmothers’ infallible remedy: they will disappear in 1 second

The best home remedies to remove food stains from clothes. Here’s what they are and how to use them.

Food stains on clothes
You often end up with food stains on your clothes that are really stubborn and difficult to remove . Sometimes, despite machine washing, you end up with a nice grease stain still there. However, with a few tips it is possible to remove even the worst stains, in a short time and without damaging the most dazzling clothes or the most precious fabrics. Let’s see how to do it.

Remove food stains from clothes
In cleaning and household chores, grandmother’s remedies are always infallible. In any matter, there is no grandmother’s trick that cannot solve the situation. Even for removing stains from clothes, there are great solutions to adopt for the home that are the envy of any degreaser on sale in the supermarkets, saving you a lot of money on detergents and products.

Removing Food Stains
The best-known ingredients are undoubtedly white vinegar, baking soda and Marseille soap, but they are not the only ones. In fact, in our homes we all have another ingredient that also lends itself very well as a stain remover.

The first of these is sugar . Often used as a scrub or scrub for body care, it is its slightly abrasive characteristic that will be our ally. Simply mix the sugar with a little lukewarm water to form a pasty substance.

This will be applied to the stain, massaged lightly, then left to act for at least an hour. Then you can proceed with the usual washing.

Sugar against stains
Sugar is also very useful for removing paint stains and on very delicate fabrics such as satin and silk . In this case, it will be necessary to fill a basin with lukewarm water and white wine vinegar to soak the garment to be treated with a cube or a teaspoon of sugar. Continue with rinsing and drying.

In the kitchen there are many other ingredients useful not only for tasty recipes, but also for removing stains . Another example is baking powder , which is particularly suitable for removing greasy stains. Simply add it directly to the drum and carry out a normal wash with detergent and fabric softener. For the most stubborn stains, it is possible to pre-treat dry , by spreading the yeast directly on the stain and going over it with a hot iron. It is important to remember that before treating a grease stain in this way, it is necessary to put cardboard between the layers of fabric to prevent the stain from penetrating and worsening the damage. Once this is done, you can put the garment in the washing machine.

Liquid ingredients against stains
Not only solid or powder ingredients, but also liquid ingredients. One example is using sparkling water, which is particularly effective in removing blood or urine stains . To use it optimally, it is essential to act as soon as possible and pour a little water directly onto the stain, dabbing with a towel or tissue.

However, it is necessary to be careful about the type of water you use , because if it is rich in minerals and sodium, it could discolor the most delicate fabrics. Water is also very useful for removing stains from carpets and other delicate materials such as leather or suede.

Finally, an ingredient that can be recycled if it expires: milk.

Expired milk
Expired milk has been shown to be very effective in removing stains , a true natural stain remover that is particularly effective when it comes to fruit juice or ink.
To use milk as a stain remover, you will need to heat it, let it cool a bit and pour it into a bowl. At this point, you can soak the item of clothing and let it soak for a few minutes, then rinse or wash it as normal.

All you have to do is try and choose which is your favorite natural stain remover .