For clothes that smell good after ironing: here’s the tip

For clothes that smell good after ironing here is the tip

Ironing, often seen as a tedious task, can be improved by scenting your clothes. In this article, we share with you a natural method to add a pleasant touch of fragrance while ironing.

The Art of Ironing: Expert Advice

The importance of using a  quality iron  cannot be underestimated. The newest models are designed to be energy efficient while still providing optimal ironing performance. They offer programs adapted to different types of fabrics, ensuring an impeccable result. The use of steam is particularly effective, allowing not only to smooth out wrinkles but also to fix the perfume on the fabric.

Perfume Your Clothes by Ironing: A Simple and Natural Method

The key to  adding a pleasant fragrance to your clothes when ironing  is to create your own scented water. This method is both simple and economical.

How to proceed ?

  1. Mix 250 ml of water with 6 drops of your favorite essential oil in a bowl.
  2. Whisk the mixture vigorously to combine the ingredients well.
  3. Transfer the solution to a spray bottle and shake well.
  4. Place the spray in the refrigerator for a few minutes before using.
  5. Spray lightly on fabric before ironing.

The essential oil not only delicately perfumes your clothes but also, thanks to the steam from the iron, the perfume is permanently fixed in the fabric.

Choice of Essential Oils

The choice of essential oil depends on your personal preferences. Some popular options include:

  • Lavender  : Known for its calming scent and relaxing properties.
  • Lemon  : Offers invigorating freshness and can help with concentration.
  • Bergamot  : Ideal for those who prefer a subtle, non-overwhelming scent.

This method is suitable for all types of fabrics, whether for clothing, curtains, towels or sheets.

By integrating this simple and natural method into your ironing routine, you can not only make ironing easier but also enjoy delicately scented laundry. It’s a way to add a touch of freshness and well-being to your daily life.