Four household products to eliminate unwanted weeds

Warm seasons encourage the growth of unwanted plants that eventually affect the aesthetics of flagstones, patios and walkways. If you are tempted to use chemicals to control weeds, be aware that they are not environmentally friendly and can be hazardous to your health. Choose natural solutions that you can find in your kitchen cupboards.

You can remove unwanted weeds by hand. As tedious as this solution is, it gives remarkable results. First, put on gardening gloves to ensure your hands are protected. Then, remove the weeds by the root. If this solution doesn’t work for you, you can use some household products.

White vinegar and salt
The combination of these two ingredients has the power to dry out herbs and make them easier to remove. However, this is the first part of the job. Next, you need to take the necessary steps to ensure that the weeds do not grow back. There are several simple methods to do this.

Baking soda and hot water
The first method to get rid of the weeds completely is to sprinkle enough bicarbonate on the ground. Then boil some water and pour it over the weeds. This last solution is by far the safest because the hot water will soften the plants and then kill them. After that, simply spray with insecticide.

Not only will you succeed in killing all the weed roots, but with this combination you can uproot them more easily. If you repeat this every month, you will prevent the weeds from growing back.

Hot water
As explained above, hot water can severely damage the roots as well as the seeds of unwanted weeds. So, by using this trick after pulling the weeds, you will be able to remove any weeds that have escaped your notice. Heat water in a pot or kettle. Then pour it into the cracks and between the lines of the tiles. The weeds will be easier to pull out.

Bleach and hot water
If you’re having trouble getting rid of lichen and algae on your deck, you can use the following tips:

Put one part bleach and one part hot water in a container. Remember to wear gloves to protect your hands. Also, to make such a mixture, start by putting the water in the bucket and then add the bleach. This will allow you to limit splashing.
Pour the mixture over the areas that harbor the lichen and algae. Wait a few minutes.
Then rinse your deck with cold water.
If you notice that the weeds persist, you can take a stiff brush and scrub your deck. Any remaining stains should disappear.
Repeat this

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