Fruit flies: 3 traps for your home

Is your fruit basket constantly infested with parasites? You know those tiny brown insects that you often mistake for mosquitoes. In fact, they are “fruit flies”. In absolute terms, these little creatures are harmless, they won’t bite you if that worries you. However, they are actually extremely annoying as they gather in masses around your fruit and can transmit diseases. Enough to whet your appetite!
Trap #1: Apple cider vinegar and dish soap
To say goodbye to fruit flies, here is a first trap that is easy to make but still effective. As an added bonus, it won’t cost you much: you probably already have apple cider vinegar and dish soap at home.

Use vinegar and dish soap to kill flies
How do you ?

Take a glass, pour some apple cider vinegar and a few drops of dish soap into it. Mix the two ingredients well and cover the container with a piece of aluminum foil.
Then, use a needle to poke small holes in the leaf just large enough for flies to fit through.
Then attach the foil with the glass lid ring, but do not screw it completely tight. Using a rubber band, attach another piece of foil to this ring. Carefully poke holes in this part too (there should be a small gap between the 1st and 2nd layer of foil ).
But be careful, do not drill additional holes in the inner part of the aluminum foil. You want to avoid having the holes line up, otherwise more fruit flies may come out.
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Why is this method effective?

Simply because fruit flies are attracted to the smell of fermentation. And it turns out they love the fermented scent of apple cider vinegar. So the idea is to lure them with this ingredient that they love and once they’re in the jar they won’t be able to get out as easily because of the layers of aluminum foil. Once trapped inside, they have little chance of escaping unless you remove the lid. And dish soap also helps kill them faster.

Tip: If your trap isn’t working as desired, add more fruit-flavored soap.

Trap #2: Plastic bottle
This other popular method involves making a trap out of a plastic bottle. You will see that it is easy to make.

Plastic bottle trap for destroying flies
How do you ?

Poke a few small holes in the lid of a 2 liter soda or mineral water bottle.
Screw the cap back on, cut off the top third of the bottle and set it aside. Pour an attractive bait, such as apple cider vinegar, fruit juice, wine or beer, into the bottom of the bottle.
Next, turn the cap of the bottle over and turn it upside down with the cap facing down, as if it were forming a downward funnel.
Seal the top of the bottle with tape to keep it secure.
All you have to do is set your trap near where fruit flies congregate.
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Why is this method effective?

Using the same principle, these insects follow their sense of smell directly towards this trap. Fruit flies are attracted to the sweet, vinegar-like liquid like a magnet and can therefore easily slip in, but the funnel shape prevents them from escaping. And now they are completely blocked here! The advantage of this method is that you don’t have to worry about cleaning. You can throw away the bottle and make a new trap.

Trap #3: Paper bag and glass
Our latest technology is also not complicated to produce. To trap these pests, all you need is a paper cone and a glass.

Trap with paper cone and glass to kill flies
How do you ?

Form a paper cone with a small hole in the bottom. You need to insert it into the glass, but be careful not to let it completely touch the bottom. It doesn’t matter if the cone is much larger than the container. In fact, the sides of the cone and the edge of the glass should form some kind of connection without gaps.
Tape the side of your paper bag to hold its shape and set it aside.
Next, take some leftover fruit and place it in the bottom of the jar. Even apple or banana peels will do.
Finally, put your paper bag on and tape it around the jar to seal it well.
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Why is this method effective?

The fruit peels and fruit residues integrated into this trap attract small flies irresistibly. Especially if they are very juicy, like pineapple, apparently one of her favorite fruits. The combination of the size of the trap’s small entrance and the shape of the paper cone makes it difficult, if not impossible, for them to find their way back to the exit. Bet won!

Important: Be careful not to widen the hole in the paper cone too much, otherwise the flies will have no problems coming and going.

Note : If you find that these homemade traps do not work as well as you would have liked, there is still the option of purchasing commercial traps from stores. However, when it comes to efficiency, they are all the same. But maybe you have a real home invasion. In this case, all options make sense!

Practical advice: measures to prevent fruit fly invasion
Now that you have the best fruit fly control traps in your hands, you will be very relieved to be able to eliminate this problem at home. At least temporarily. Because if the threat arises again, it would be good to also take certain precautions to prevent this invasion and stop it at the source.

Keep in mind that these DIY traps are only truly effective if you develop good everyday habits. Here are a few:

Wash and refrigerate your food when you take it home (since fruit flies often hide in fruits and vegetables). Tell yourself: The longer you let them ripen at room temperature, the more they will attract these pests. Not to mention that fly eggs laid on the surface can hatch and quickly turn into adult flies.
If possible, avoid leaving your juice, wine or beer glasses outside. Also remember to always rinse the bottles well before recycling. If cleaned poorly, even the smallest residue could attract fruit flies.
Make sure there are no leftover food on the kitchen counter, sink, or dining table. And if you have a compost bin, check that it is waterproof and empty it regularly.
Empty trash cans more often to prevent trash from accumulating. Make sure to always close it tightly with the lid. And clean them thoroughly to avoid attracting pests.
Clean the kitchen drain and garbage disposal regularly to avoid the accumulation of rotting food residue. Tell yourself that this is a good breeding ground for fruit flies.
To get rid of them, it is always wiser to find out the source of these fruit flies. However, not to be confused with conventional flies.
What is the fastest way to get rid of fruit flies?
Keeping fruit flies away is not a given. You must maximize your efforts: hygiene and sanitation are your watchwords. First, you need to identify and eliminate potential sources of fruit flies. Therefore, remove anything that might attract them and store your fruits properly. From then on, these unwanted people will disappear. Of course, traps can speed up the process by blocking any remaining flies.

Which bait attracts fruit flies the most?
First of all, the good news is that they are not difficult to bait. They are irresistibly attracted to already ripe (or even rotten) fruits and anything that smells of fermentation. They also love apple cider vinegar, leftover juicy fruits, and pineapple peels.

Why are there fruit flies in my bathroom?
Typically, fruit flies are most visible in the kitchen or any other place where fermented foods are lying around. If it’s near the bathroom, you might be able to find some too. However, if you notice a persistent presence in that area of ​​the home, it is likely “drain flies.” They can easily be confused with fruit flies. However, these insects are characterized by their powdery appearance, similar to that of a moth, with feather-shaped antennae.

Is baking soda a good way to get rid of fruit flies?
Of course, if your drains are regularly clean and hygienic, you will be able to better control the problem and will be less likely to notice the presence of fruit and drain flies. There is actually a handy parasite remedy: 1/2 cup baking soda, 1/2 cup salt and 1 cup vinegar. This is the ideal solution to clean your pipes frequently while killing drain fly larvae. It’s easy to use: pour the mixture overnight and let it work slowly. The next day, pour boiling water down the drain. You will feel a noticeable difference! A little tip: If you clean your pipes regularly, the problem with flies will be a distant memory.

Do these traps also work on other pests?
These traps primarily target fruit flies, but they can also attract other insects such as mosquitoes. However, there are still many simple, all-natural solutions to repel other flying insects like fungus gnats and drain flies. Since all pest species are different, pest control must be tailored to each one.