Get rid of ants from your home with this quick solution

Here is the  quick solution  to  get rid of ants from your home  .  Mosquitoes, moths such as bed bugs or even ants, these insects are characteristic of the summer season  . And not only are they embarrassing, they also invade our personal space. There are ants everywhere on the floor and in every corner of the house.

Get rid of ants from your home with this quick solution

The vinegar

The first solution  to repel ants is  vinegar  . This  strong-smelling liquid  is used not only for cooking but also for other purposes. To do this, it is worth  pouring half a glass of vinegar into a bucket of hot water and washing the floor.

Ants cannot stand the strong smell of vinegar. However, caution is advised as  vinegar can damage both marble surfaces and natural stone.

Eucalyptus oil to repel ants

It is also a  very strong smelling plant that you  can use to repel ants  . To use it, simply pour  three to four drops of eucalyptus oil into a bucket of water and  clean  the strategic points.

Eliminate ants in your home with lemon juice

You can also use the  juice of a large  lemon  , then poured into hot water  . Then use the solution to  clean areas where ants pass by  . It is also possible  to add essential oil  to make the smell stand out even more. Be careful because just like vinegar,  lemon juice can also damage marble and natural stone surfaces  .

How do you use mint to repel ants?

This  aromatic plant  also has a fairly strong smell that not only keeps away ants but also insects. To do this, it is worth  preparing an infusion with four mint leaves. Strain the solution and pour it into a spray bottle.

Other alternative solutions

  • Scatter  coffee grounds  around the corners of the doors
  • You can also use talcum powder or cloves
  • Finally, you can  sprinkle salt on all kitchen surfaces