Goodbye humidity in the house with 1 product: only then can you solve it permanently

Solve the humidity problem in your home using a single product. A quick and easy solution, that’s what it’s all about. Moisture   in the home   can be a big   problem   for many reasons besides   aesthetics   . In fact, it can lead to mold and mildew development    ,   heat loss   , and increased   heating costs   . There are several   causes   of damp   in your home   , including     structural or   ventilation problems   . Whatever the   cause   , however, there is an   effective solution   to fix this problem. This is   anti-humidity paint   , a   specific product  that will permanently eliminate   mold   from your   walls   . Let’s see how.

Paint against moisture in the house: what it is

Also called “   scratch paint   ,”   moisture-proof paint   acts as   a barrier   against   moisture   and   mold   . Its   special formula   contains a mixture of   synthetic resins   ,   pigments   and   additives   that give the   paint hydrophobic   ,   antifungal   and   insulating   properties     .

Humidity in the house

Thanks to these properties,   anti-humidity paint   prevents the formation of   moisture stains,   mold   and   condensation   on the walls. In addition, its   insulating capacity   protects the  wall surface   from   corrosion   caused by   alkaline substances   present in   mortar   and   bricks   . 

How to eliminate humidity with a single product

The method to   eliminate mold and damp   using   a single specific product   is very simple and requires   few tools   . The first step is the   preparation of the surface   , which must be   clean   . To do this, we remove   mold   and   paint   . To do this, you can use a   mixture   of   bleach   and   water   , spray it on the   affected surface  and let it sit for   a few days   . During this time we can   clean the   baseboard joints. Then we removed the  peeling paint   with a   putty knife   and   a wire brush   .

Once   the surface is prepared , the anti-humidity paint   can be applied     . This   paint   is formulated to   resist   humidity and   mold   , thanks to its   chemical composition   that acts as   an insulator   against   alkaline substances   .

In this way it prevents the formation of   mold and mildew   . In addition,   anti-humidity paint   can be   overpainted   with any type of paint, making it a   flexible option   suitable for many   needs   . 

Why is it important to remove moisture? 

But is it really so important   to remove moisture   from the walls of the house? Yes, mainly because leaving it there could cause a number of   problems   . Firstly, moisture can cause   irreparable structural damage   .

In fact, it is often caused by phenomena such as   condensation   ,   water vapor   ,   water infiltration,   and   water loss   . These   factors   can lead to mold stains,   peeling   of   paint   and   tiles   , the formation of   cracks   , and degradation of the   building’s supporting structures   .

Humidity in the house

This   paint   is capable of isolating   the   surface from moisture and   preventing   the formation of   mold and mildew   , making the house   healthier and safer   for the   health   of its occupants.

Additionally, using   damp-proof paint   can help   reduce   heating costs   , as damp can cause   heat to escape   through walls and ceilings. Therefore, by applying   anti-humidity paint   , it is possible   to isolate   the surface from humidity and keep the house   warmer and more comfortable   , thus reducing   heating costs   .