Goodbye to pests in plants with this DIY pesticide: just 2 ingredients

DIY Pesticide: Did you know that you only need two ingredients to create a mixture that can get rid of pests? Your plants will thank you!

Natural pesticide

Pesticides and plants  : how to get rid of annoying and harmful pests? Here is  the remedy  for your case. You only need two ingredients  to make it.

Parasites, the enemies of plants

Who doesn’t like having  plants at home  ? Capable of giving  luminosity, oxygen and beauty  to your home, they are certainly  a touch of class  that is difficult to give up. However, those who have plants at home face  a very difficult challenge every day: protecting their green jewels from pests  that easily proliferate by  gnawing on the leaves, roots and stems.


Clearly there are  techniques to use  and put into practice to ensure that our plant does not suffer. However,  the most effective and quickest method is to adopt  remedies which are not always healthy but can solve the problem. In the latter case we are talking about  pesticides  . Did you know that it is possible  to get rid of pests with a natural pesticide  ? You can do it  yourself at home, in a very simple way. You only need two ingredients  to ensure the health and well-being of your plants. Ready to find out how to solve your pest problem? Read on, you will be speechless.

Natural pesticide to save plants: here are the magic ingredients

Pests are the enemies of plants. Among the most common we point out aphids  ,  which  consume the green pigment present in the stems and leaves  ; thrips  , which are insects that  attack flowering plants  (e.g. orchids) by leaving marks on the petals and leaves; whiteflies  , which are generally found  on medicinal plants  such as chamomile, mint or lavender and which attack the leaves.

Plant pests

Do we also want to talk about the  cochineal  which  sucks the sap of the plant  making the leaves yellowish? In short,  pests can cause many problems  for our green gems. So how can we protect our plants? By  pesticides  : this is the correct answer to the question. Be careful though! You should ensure that  the pesticides used are as natural as possible. Did you know you could make them yourself at home? You’ll only need two simple household ingredients: baking soda and neem oil. Let’s see how to make a super fast natural pesticide. The ingredients we told you about  are very easy to obtain  , you may even already have them at home. To make this mixture,  simply mix a spoonful of Neem oil and a teaspoon of baking soda in a liter of water in a container. Then put  the contents in a spray bottle  and spray it on your plants and voila! You will see that with this system  you will be able to keep parasites away from your green jewelry. Easy to make pesticide, your plants will thank you. However, we also report  another method to get rid of parasites. In addition to the one listed above, you can also create another mixture that acts as a natural pesticide. In this second case you will only need liquid soap. How to proceed? Put  Neem oil (one teaspoon) and a few drops of liquid soap in a liter of water  in a container. Also in this case, you will put the mixture made in a spray bottle and spray the product on the stem, leaves and soil of your plants. Be careful though! These natural pesticides do not have to be used daily  . Meet deadlines. It is recommended to use these mixtures  only once a week  . And you, did you know these methods? Will you use them to protect your plants? We guarantee you won’t regret it.