Goodbye to yellow sweat stains on clothes, you only need 1 ingredient: very white clothes

Annoying yellow sweat stains seem impossible to remove from any garment. Clothes never come out as clean as you would like, only after a simple wash in the washing machine.

Much more needs to be done to achieve a good result. Generally, a lot of time is wasted,  a thousand chemicals are used  that in the long run ruin the clothes and weaken the fibers.

The end result is that the clothing is torn and becomes unusable. However, despite everything, the  yellow sweat stains  always remain there  .

Yellow sweat stains, how to eliminate them permanently

Yellow sweat stains  are annoying and unsightly and give the impression of poor cleaning. Instead of  ruining clothes with inappropriate products,  or standing there scrubbing and wasting time unnecessarily, you can use effective methods that  don’t take a minute and require minimal effort.

The following remedy  requires a maximum of 5 minutes,  no effort, just a lot of patience. It is  a solution that can be prepared in a short time  and can be applied to towels, t-shirts, sheets and tablecloths. Clothes are not at risk of being damaged by the solution or yellow marks. In fact it will be like new.

What are the causes of rings and spots?

Yellow stains are not only the result of sweat not being removed properly, they can also  be due to poor storage of clothing  or deodorants that are too aggressive. In any case, whatever the cause, it is unlikely that detergents will be able to remove stains or marks  permanently.

Therefore, if you want to obtain a good result, it is necessary to arm yourself with patience and try after trying, here is the alternative solution, certainly economical, the most suitable for your objective.

The excellent solution to yellow sweat stains.

To  prepare the miracle solution  , combine 30 g of sodium percarbonate, 20 ml of water, 15 ml of liquid laundry detergent, 70 of carbonate. Mix everything, the solution obtained can be used immediately as is, or it can be left to rest for just half an hour to obtain an excellent result.

What will come out  will be a dense foam  that can be applied directly to the yellow sweat stains. Rub it for a few seconds and then leave it on for 20 minutes or half an hour maximum. Once the due time has passed, it is put in the washing machine and then the washing begins at 30, 40 degrees maximum.

The final result  will be spectacular,  the clothes will be very white, they will be like new again, clean and with an enviable aroma.

Other alternative and hasty solutions

Alternatively you can try  removing sweat stains  with hot water, borax and Marseille soap. Then, you take a container and pour hot water into it, which doesn’t have to be a lot. Then pour a small cup of borax and simply a  tablespoon of Marseille soap  . Mix the mixture and then immerse the item to be removed. Let soak for at least an hour. Then it is washed in the washing machine. The clothes will be very white.

Another solution is to fill a container with hot water, add salt and lemon (five is enough for 2 liters of water). The items to be removed are soaked and  then rinsed. You can also use filtered ash, poured into a large pot filled with water, then after 20 minutes rinse it and wash it with soap. Even in this case the result is incredible, without using harmful products.

The situation is different if the  yellow stains are caused by deodorants. These are really difficult to remove. In this case use carbonate, just one tablespoon is enough, add 3 tablespoons of water. The solution is sprayed on the areas to be treated and rubbed.

To avoid  sweat stains,  some preventive remedies can be applied. First of all, to combat sweat it is better to choose a natural anti-stain deodorant that does not leave residue and does its job very well. The best is the one that contains potassium alum.

Then, between the skin and the dress,  especially at night, it is better to wear a top, preferably cotton. The fabric helps you not sweat and therefore stay cooler. But above all it doesn’t stain your clothes.