Grandma’s tip for drying your clothes in 15 minutes in winter

Grandma's tip for drying your clothes in 15 minutes in winter

In the search for practical solutions for the home, drying laundry quickly and efficiently remains one of the biggest challenges, especially during cold or humid seasons. Fortunately, an old and ecological method allows you to dry your clothes in just 15 minutes without consuming electricity, thus reducing your bill and preserving the environment.

Washing and drying laundry: eco-responsible and economical solutions

Washing and drying laundry  is a daily task, particularly tedious for large families, especially those with young children. Although modern appliances like clothes dryers and hair dryers offer some convenience, they have a significant impact on electricity consumption and, therefore, monthly expenses.

Old laundry method: how to dry clothes in 15 minutes?

This traditional method of  drying laundry , used before the advent of tumble dryers, is simple and requires no electrical appliances. Here are the steps to follow to dry your clothes quickly and naturally:

  1. Choose a sunny day  : The first step is to choose a sunny day to wash and dry your clothes. However, even in the absence of sunlight, this method is still effective, although it may take a few extra minutes.
  2. Use a large dry towel  : Take a large dry towel and lay it out on a flat surface. Place the wet clothes on the towel.
  3. Wrap clothes in the towel  : Put a shirt or other clothing inside the towel. Make sure the towel completely envelops the clothes.
  4. Wring forcefully  : Roll up the towel with the garment inside to form a large roll. Then, wring it out with all your energy to remove excess water. This step is crucial because even after spinning in the machine, the clothes remain slightly damp.
  5. Sun or Indoor Drying  : After spinning, place clothes in the sun. In just 15 minutes they will be dry and ready to wear. If the sun is not out, take advantage of the warmth of your home to dry the laundry.

This  quick-drying technique  is particularly useful for those looking to  reduce their environmental footprint  and  save energy . Not only is it beneficial for the environment, but it also preserves the quality of your clothes by preventing wear and tear caused by tumble dryers.

By adopting this method, you contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle while ensuring efficiency and practicality in your household tasks.