Growing zucchini in simple recycled containers – it’s so easy!

Growing zucchini in simple recycled containers – it’s so easy!

Are you lucky enough to have a beautiful garden or a large terrace? Well, if you live in the magical world of the green thumb or want to be a part of it, I can tell you how to grow zucchini in a container.

Of course, not just any container but in a water bottle.

Immersing yourself in this adventure is very simple, you just need to have the right tools.

Let’s start this new adventure!

Growing zucchini in simple recycled containers – it’s so easy!

Let’s take a bottle of water and on the top of the cup, on two opposite sides, create trapezoid-shaped windows. I recommend that it is important not to completely delete the part in question. You simply have to leave the bottom part of the trapezoids attached to the structure of the bottle.

Later on the base of the cup we drill small holes. At this point we fill the water bottle to the brim with soil. Then you need to bury a small zucchini seedling.

Once this operation is carried out, all that remains is to abundantly water the seedling and the surface of the surrounding land.

It is clear that it is possible to repeat the same procedures on several bottles of water to create a small zucchini garden.

How should we care for and water our plant over time so that it grows healthy and lush?

Even after watering, it is important to constantly wet the soil. To do this, simply fill a plastic bottle with water and apply a measuring dropper to the neck of the bottle.

We set the water supply to flow into the ground very slowly and steadily. Then we plant the bottle in the ground, exactly in the windows that we have previously created, and we let the plant get constantly and very slowly wet with the water drops.

Final results.

After 25 days we will be able to admire the birth of the flowers of this plant. At the same time we will be able to see the birth of some zucchini and their growth. The plant will appear strong and lush. A true feast for the eyes.

After 48 days we will be able to pick our zucchini, which will have become nice and large.

Good job everyone!