Half a glass of this ingredient is enough to have clean and fragrant clothes.

Do you want your clothes to be clean, disinfected and fragrant after washing? You only need to use half a glass of this ingredient. Guaranteed result!

Who doesn’t want their clothes to be clean, shiny and fragrant after washing? To achieve this, we often use chemical products that contain toxic elements and impurities that damage tissue.

However, if you choose this little-known method, half a glass of this ingredient available in kitchens is enough for a flawless wash.

Discover this advice from grandmothers for super clean laundry

Almost every household has a washing machine, essential for doing laundry quickly and successfully. No matter the size, this device will give you clean clothes in no time.

Like our grandmothers, forget about the chemical cleaning products on the market and opt for natural ingredients that will help you get clean, disinfected clothes that smell good.

The most common ingredient is white wine vinegar. Once all the dirty clothes are in the washer, add your usual laundry detergent to the tub. Next, add the white wine vinegar to the wash cycle. This direct contact keeps your clothes clean, white and scented at the same time.

Using just half a glass of this product also acts as a natural emollient. Vinegar also fights limescale deposits that can damage devices.

Even half a glass of this ingredient has a magical effect on your clothes.

For clean, white, and wonderfully scented clothes, try this African method that few people know about. It is based on a natural ingredient that you always have at home: lemon juice.

When used during the wash cycle, the lemon juice will whiten, disinfect and deep clean your clothes.

To do this, simply add half a cup to the detergent dispenser. In this case, you need to filter the juice before putting it in the washing machine so that the seeds do not damage your device. The result? Clean, fresh and fragrant clothes.

Of course, when you combine the delicacy of white wine vinegar with the acidity of lemon juice, the cleaning effect multiplies tenfold. Pour two half cups of each product into the detergent dispenser and run the washer. The result will leave you speechless.