Here are 3 secrets to cleaning shutters

Here are 3 secrets to cleaning shutters.  If you have roller shutters as an installation that furnishes your home, then you will certainly notice that a lot of dust accumulates in these elements. Luckily, you can use this trick to clean shutters quickly and efficiently.

Here are 3 secrets to cleaning shutters

Do you want to install the  roller shutters  on the windows? It’s not very aesthetic to see the dust and dirt that accumulates there.

It is important to know that  if you want to avoid heavy cleaning, you must first dust the blinds regularly.

If you are used to not getting the shutters too dirty, you should usually be able to clean the shutters in no time.

Here are the tips to take into account, even the secrets that you probably don’t know but that will allow you   to have blinds like new.

What are the correct steps to clean the blinds?

  • Remove dust with a soft cloth  ,  fleece or a feather duster  .
  • Design a special sponge that  can be attached to the parts of the shutter from both above and below.  You can then  moisten it in a solution of hot water, vinegar  and  dish soap for a perfect cleaning afterwards.
  • Dry with a three-layer sponge

Nothing replaces preventive measures

It is very important  to thoroughly clean the shutters once a month or even every 15 days.  And if you have a wooden shutter, all you need to do is dust it with a brush and then use a special wood product to give the wood more shine.