Here is why you should put aloe vera in a banana

The many properties and uses of aloe vera make it a houseplant that can be found in homes. It can be used in medicine and cosmetics. However, the growth of aloe vera is particularly slow. This article offers a simple and effective tip to speed up its growth process.

How to grow aloe vera?
For many centuries, this plant has been used for its multiple benefits. This has even earned it the title of the “plant of immortality”. That’s right! Nowadays, many people use it as a natural remedy for asthma, epilepsy, injuries, etc.

For these various reasons, it is normal to expect that there is at least one pot of aloe vera in every home or garden. Fortunately, some gardeners have found a simple trick with banana to speed up the growth of the plant.

Use a banana to grow your aloe vera
The special shape of the banana makes it an excellent receptacle for growing an aloe vera plant. In addition, the nutrient concentration of the banana will promote healthier growth and result in a stronger plant.

To do this, lay an unpeeled banana on its side and make a hole in the peel. The hole should be the perfect size to accommodate an aloe vera stem. Once the stem is in place, you will need to wait at least a day. Once it is dark, you will notice that the color of the banana is now tending towards brown. You will then have to remove the aloe vera stem from the banana. You will then be able to observe the appearance of small roots at the base of the banana.

Plant the stem in a pot filled with soil. The nutrients from the banana will allow the aloe vera to grow faster and gain strength.

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