Here you have the ultimate solution to scent your carpets.

Have you cleaned every corner of your house and do you have pleasantly scented sofas, curtains and cushions?

And then you realize that you have completely forgotten about the carpets, which smell bad over time. But do not spread panic. In this article, I am going to share with you the perfect solution to scent your carpets without breaking the bank.

When carpets are dirty, they can give the image of a neglected and messy home. Luckily, with this trick you can leave them clean and scented. It will transform them into new and scented objects.

How to perfume carpets well?

Carpets are true havens for odors. Thanks to their material, these accessories have the ability to absorb and retain all types of odors in the home, such as the smell of tobacco or frying. Not to mention the dust, mold and dirt accumulated over time. But this method will leave your carpets clean and scented for a long time.

To start, you should know that cleaning a carpet is different from cleaning other fabrics in the house, such as curtains, sheets, and comforters. If you make a mistake, you risk damaging it.

Also, opt for natural products that respect the environment and are not harmful to health. Instead of using industrial products full of allergens and chemicals, opt for Marseille soap, black soap or baking soda. In addition, you can use them following grandmother’s remedies.

What ingredient should I use to scent my carpets?

If you want to effectively scent your carpets, you need two simple ingredients: baking soda and a scented fabric softener. It is very easy to use.

Thanks to its deodorizing properties, baking soda absorbs bad odors that invade your carpets. That is why this product is recommended to neutralize bad odors. If you use it on your carpets, they will be clean again and free of any unpleasant odors.

As for the softener, it gives your carpets a fresh scent. There is a wide range of softeners on the market that adapt to all needs. Choose from vanilla, lotus, exotic flowers, lavender or lemon. This product will give your carpet a wonderful aroma.