Here’s how to clean your entire bathroom in no time with a piece of cucumber

We often use vinegar and baking soda to remove limestone. However, the results do not always meet our expectations!
Bicarbonate and vinegar: classic solutions
While these two ingredients alone or mixed can loosen the inlays, they can also have a somewhat aggressive effect on the surfaces due to their often corrosive pH value. Not to mention, the residue from chemical yeast can scratch the steel.

Bathroom cleaning – source: spm

So what must we do? Give up again and use chemical cleaners? Obviously not !

There is a natural herbal ingredient that is also very effective in this area. And you will be amazed!

Cucumber cleaning – source: spm

Clean the bathroom with cucumber
Cucumber is one of the green vegetables most commonly used in salads. It is particularly valued for its freshness, thirst-quenching and moisturizing effects. But what you didn’t know is that fighting limestone is also very popular! Surprising, isn’t it? Our grandmothers L regularly tended the oven!

How does it work? Rub the entire surface with a cucumber slice, leave for a few minutes and wipe with a clean cloth. It also works with bathroom accessories. Rub well onto steel and metal, leave to act for ten minutes, rinse and dry.

Gurke – Quelle: spm

The properties of cucumbers are also very useful in your garden. Cut three or four pieces and place them in a container to keep them near the plants. This trick keeps caterpillars and snails away.

Finally, a little-known beauty ritual: cucumber slices, straight from the fridge, can relieve red skin and puffiness around the eyes. This application, done every other day, is a miracle as it significantly reduces dark circles and bags under the eyes.