Here’s how to effortlessly degrease kitchen stoves and leave them looking like new.

Boiling water, simmering a sauce, cooking a steak… plates are vulnerable to dirt. If not cleaned regularly, stains can become embedded and difficult to remove. Fortunately, there are many natural, economical and ecological tricks to degrease, maintain and make them shine!

It is the favorite appliance of cooking lovers. While some prefer induction hobs, others opt for the simplicity of ceramic hobs and others prefer the reliability of gas burners. Whichever you choose , stains can build up quickly  if you let dirt sit. Summary of grandma’s tips for cleaning plates.

gas stove

1) Clean baking sheets with baking soda

Baking soda appears at the top of the list of cleaning products  alternatives . Thanks to its astringent and antibacterial properties, it helps  deeply unclog dirt  and disinfect your surfaces. To clean your plates with this miracle product, simply sprinkle the product on the affected parts and let it sit for an hour. Then wipe the plates with a damp sponge and dry with a microfiber cloth.

2) Clean the cooking plates with vinegar

Vinegar is a multi-purpose household product . Ecological, economical and natural, it helps  to overcome stubborn stains. In a spray bottle, pour vinegar, dilute with a little water and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Spray, leave for a few minutes, rub, rinse, dry.

3) Clean clay baking sheets

Clay is an excellent natural degreaser. To make this, you will need green clay. If the latter is famous for absorbing impurities from the skin and hair, the same goes for your cooking plates. For this you will need to use clay stone. Place it on a previously moistened sponge before rubbing the affected surface. Rinse, dry, it’s clean!

4) Clean the cooking plates with black soap

Black soap is one  of the most effective natural cleaners and degreasers. The amount you use will depend on how dirty your dishes are. Put some black soap on a damp sponge, then scrub the surface before rinsing. Don’t forget to dry with a microfiber towel. 

5) Clean the gas burners on your hob

To clean gas burners, there is a formidable ingredient: Marseille soap. To do this, immerse your burners in a container containing  Marseille soapy water and a glass of white vinegar.  Scrub them with a sponge and then rinse them with clean water. Dry them with a microfiber towel before placing them back on the stove.

6) Clean the grates of your hob with white vinegar and baking soda

To get rid of stubborn stains on your hob grilles, there is a foolproof method. Simply soak them in a mixture of  white vinegar, baking soda, and coarse salt. Leave it overnight. If any residue remains, rub it with the abrasive side of a sponge and then rinse with clean water.


7) Clean the electric plates with aluminum

Due to the heat, unsightly stains can become embedded in the electric plates. To restore their original shine, there is a simple and effective solution. To do this,  roll a piece of aluminum foil into a ball  and rub vigorously in circular motions. Aluminum has many uses. Discover  7 tricks with aluminum foil that few people know about .