Here’s how to germinate lemon seeds to have endless

Did you know that you can have endless citrus seeds at home? And for good reason, you can have lemon plants at home if you know how to germinate them. This gardening guide makes harvesting these sweet and sour fruits easy.

To have lemon on hand, you can easily germinate seeds. It will take you a few days to observe the young shoots that you will need to take care of. These are the tips to enjoy fresh citrus fruits as much as you want.

How to germinate lemon seeds to have an infinite number?

If you want to enjoy citrus in infinite quantities at home, knowing how to germinate seeds is essential. Rest assured   , planting these seedlings is simple   , even for beginners! A few seeds will be enough for you to have unlimited lemon.

lemon seeds

Remove the seeds from the lemon – Source: spm

For the seeds to start sprouting, you will need a lemon and its seeds, as well as a seedbed. You will also need to arm yourself with:

– Tweezers
– Plant substrate such as coconut fiber
– Worm castings
– Water

germinating lemon seed

Germinate a lemon seed – Source: spm

To see these little seeds germinate, remove them from a lemon. Soak them in water and remove the thin layer that covers them with tweezers. Before growing these seeds, open their upper part slightly and place them horizontally on a seedbed to which you will have added coconut fiber and worm castings in   a proportion of 60 and 40% respectively  . A jar can do the trick for this planting. Then, cover the seeds with fertilizers up to 2 centimeters and wait between 15 and 20 days. To have this source of minerals available, be sure to place the seedbed in a warm, dark location for successful germination. After a few weeks, you will be able to transplant your planting and watch it grow.

lemon harvest

Harvesting a lemon – Source: spm

What is the ideal exposure for your lemons?

After germinating the lemon seeds, you will need to maintain the plant. A lemon tree requires significant light exposure. The pot should be placed in a sunny location   , such as a balcony or near a window. You can enjoy these fruits that are beneficial for the immune system  .

source of vitamin c

Source of vitamin C – Source: spm

What is the perfect temperature for your lemons?

This small tree will have to grow at room temperature, that is, between 17 and 27 degrees. After the germination phase, the lemon tree should not be exposed to cold or drafts. For the small leaves to stay healthy  , the climate must be fairly humid. To enjoy this source of trace elements for longer, protect your lemon tree with a cloth. Also move the pot closer to a wall so that the plant is not exposed to the wind.

lemon tree transplant

Transplant the lemon tree – Source: spm

How often do lemons need watering to grow well?

After respecting the germination time, it is time to take care of the lemon tree. The tree will need to be watered up to 3 times a week during warm seasons. In winter, the soil should only be watered when it is dry. This plant, which bears fruits rich in potassium and magnesium, should grow in   semi-light soil with a neutral pH  . The plant will also need to have good drainage so that water can reach its roots. If you have a green thumb, you can plant lemon seeds in a cup or jars.

lemon seed germination

Lemon seed germination process – Source: spm

When to prune lemon leaves?

After witnessing the growth of the first leaves of the lemon tree, it is important to take good care of this small tree that needs light. To enjoy the harvest of its good aromatic fruits, rich in phosphorus, it is recommended to cut the yellowed leaves once a year in winter. This gesture will help you push better  .

lemon seed

Seed of a lemon tree – Source: spm

You will have understood it: you can plant a lemon seed in a few steps and take advantage of its nutrients as you wish. This planting will give a touch of color to your interior.