Here’s how to scent your bathroom without using an air freshener

In the spirit of well-being, the bathroom must always be clean and smell good. However, it can happen that our moments of relaxation and relaxation in this room are marred by disgusting smells.

Although conventional perfumes and deodorants can mask and eliminate bad odors, they remain harmful to health and the environment.

In our article we will show you how to deodorize your bathroom with simple, natural and inexpensive tips.

In order to make the process of freshening the air in the bathroom as natural as possible, we offer you economical and ecological ideas.

Natural products are healthier and therefore cause fewer allergic reactions because they do not contain harsh chemicals.

Here are 7 ideas for homemade scents for a pleasantly smelling bathroom
– Fabric softener in the toilet tank
This is a proven method. To keep the toilets and bathroom smelling nice, simply add a generous dose of fabric softener to the tank. Every time you flush the toilet, a pleasant scent spreads throughout the room and the fabric softener acts like an air freshener.

It’s also possible to make fabric softener at home with natural ingredients if you’re worried about the chemicals in a traditional fabric softener.

– Cotton with essential oils
This tip is simple: To do this, soak a cotton pad with an essential oil of your choice and place it in a strategic location in the bathroom.

You can opt for lavender, lemon, or even cinnamon essential oil. Note that you can also scent your car using this tip or soak a clothespin in essential oil and attach it to the car’s ventilation ducts.


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– Aromatic soap
One of the simplest and most classic options remains aromatic soap. You can choose a soap with lemon, lavender or sea scents… The choice is yours and you can place it in a strategic place in the bathroom. Furthermore, this tip is cost-effective yet very practical.

– Cinnamon and Vanilla: Gourmet scents
To prepare this homemade flavoring you will need the following ingredients:

Vanilla extract
2 cinnamon sticks
1 cup vinegar
4 cloves
1 cup of water
Put all the ingredients in a pot and cook over low heat for two minutes. Then filter the mixture and let it cool. Pour the liquid into a spray bottle and spray it throughout the bathroom.

– Lemon, the citrus fruit of freshness
To eliminate bad smells, there is nothing better than the lemony freshness of this citrus fruit. Thanks to its citric acid, lemon removes stubborn tartar stains and also helps disinfect metal and glass surfaces.

This citrus fruit is interesting because it leaves a fragrant lemon scent that spreads subtly throughout the bathroom. To take advantage of this, you can rub the bathroom or glass surfaces with half a lemon to clean and disinfect them while deodorizing the room.

– Fabric softener as a deodorizer for perfume
To make this special bathroom scent, simply mix a tablespoon of fabric softener and half a cup of water in a spray bottle. Shake to mix well, then spray on towels to scent them. These leave a sweet scent in the bathroom

– The scented toilet brush
If you want to scent the toilet bowl while cleaning, add 10 to 15 drops of essential oil to the toilet brush. Using it to scrub toilets releases a pleasant scent and keeps your toilet smelling good.

With these clever ideas, you’ll no longer have to use store-bought air fresheners. Your bathroom will always smell great and at a lower cost.