Here’s the hotel secret to getting rid of all the dust: just spray it off

Thanks to a secret tested in hotels, we can say goodbye to dust in our homes. This is what it is.   In our homes, we usually keep everything tidy and make sure that all surfaces are completely clean without any trace of dirt, but dust forms every day   .

This substance is nothing more than a set of materials that are formed by the presence of particles in the air and are deposited on our furniture and decoration accessories.

Dust: Here’s How to Get Rid of It Completely

At the   Sanremo Festival 2023,   ongoing these days, the young singer   Olly   brought to the competition a song called   Dust   where he describes how, seeing life from the point of view of a shelf submerged in   dust,   he stops worrying and takes life. as he comes without worries.

However, otherwise,   the dust   is a cause of great concern, especially since the majority of the population is allergic to it and could therefore end up with serious health problems.

Therefore, it is always better   to dust   our objects and furniture several times a week to avoid allergy problems and also to have a clean and sanitized home.

Dust: the secret of hotels

However, many times we do not know what to use so that this substance does not form in our rooms and we find ourselves using products on the market that are ineffective and give off unpleasant odors.

On the other hand, when we go on vacation and enter hotel rooms   ,   we find, in the   most luxurious hotels  , that there is not a trace of   dust   and we wonder how it is possible and what particular smell we feel in the air.

The secret hotel method

The secret has been revealed and now all the housewives in the world cannot resist using this method to dust off their furniture once and for all.

To do this you have to create   DIY wipes   , naturally and very few ingredients are needed to be able to have something that eliminates all the dust in our house.

First, we take a roll of   blotting paper   and cut it into two parts with a   knife. Once divided, remove the cardboard roll and take the absorbent sheets and adhere them inside a    glass jar.

Dust: the secret of hotels

Separately, we take a   bowl   and add   water   where we will mix   hydrogen peroxide   and a teaspoon of   liquid soap   and then add essential oils according to our taste.

Once done, mix everything vigorously and pour it into the jar with absorbent paper and close everything, letting it rest for a while before using it for its purpose.

After that, the water will be absorbed by the paper and we will have   natural wipes   that we will use on our surfaces without this solution leaving traces due to the absence of   acids.

With this solution we will be able to wash our entire house and prevent dust from forming    quickly and we will have solved a big problem that often plagues us.