Heuchera: the perfect plant for the month of September

The bargain plant for the month of September is Heucheria. The reason is simple: the flower adapts well to these mid-weather temperatures which are neither too hot nor too cold. Its peculiarity is that it does not need much attention and there are many species, one more beautiful and colorful than the other.

Main characteristics of Heucheria

various colors
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The plant has the characteristic of varying in colour , in fact its shades cover almost all pastel colours: pink, orange, bright fuchsia, blue and even brown, therefore its color is its great characteristic.

Interesting facts about Heucheria

small it fits in a vase
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It is a very curious plant because although it extends from the ground or from the pot for a few centimeters, it has the peculiarity of forming a spot that can reach up to half a meter in diameter. So to decorate a flowerbed, just one heucheria planted is enough and the show is ready. The most decorative part of this type of plant is the thick foliage. They come in many colors and the most common variety is the dark one.

Useful information for growing Heucheria

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Growing heucheria is not difficult in itself, it only takes a few precautions because the plant really grows on its own. But let’s see in detail what botany suggests for excellent flowering.


The plant should be placed in the shade or partial shade close to the walls on the terrace or in the garden.


The soil must be fresh or fertile, perhaps we have already watered and fertilized it, we can place it on soil where we have already laid pumice stone to facilitate drainage


It is necessary to irrigate when necessary, without stagnation.


It can be pruned by removing the older leaves in winter, it is preferable to extract the plant from the ground, clean the roots and put it back in the pot.


There is no need to fertilize, just put some coffee grounds or a mixture of honey and cinnamon at the base and irrigate the roots of the plant, they will take the necessary nourishment from a heucheria plant.


The plant is propagated with the seeds that can be found in relevant shops. We can also indulge ourselves in choosing the right colors to give vitality to our garden. Sowing should be done at the end of autumn in winter and should be kept warm until the seedlings are born as soon as spring begins

Diseases and parasites

Unfortunately they can be attacked by worms and insects , a good product to be sprayed once a week keeps the plant and flowers safe.

Beneficial properties of heucheria

There is no useful information about it.