How can you cut your electricity bill in half? 8 tips for instant results

Reducing your electricity consumption is not only good for your bills, but also a good initiative for the environment. Here are the 8 good gestures to save energy easily.

Reducing your electricity consumption can save you money, and this often requires simple measures. By banishing energy-guzzling habits, you can not only reduce your electricity bill but also be more environmentally friendly.

There are tips on how you can reduce your electricity consumption

Saving energy is possible as long as we   know the right measures that allow us to reduce our bills   and avoid waste. There is no need to change electricity providers to pay less, because the habits we adopt every day allow us to reduce our energy consumption.


Reduce your energy bill – Source: spm

1- By not leaving the lights on unnecessarily, you save electricity

This is the most important gesture to use less energy. To reduce your energy consumption,   it’s important to turn off lights as soon as you leave a room  . Moderating the intensity of LEDs in furniture will also help you reduce your monthly bill. To reduce light in living rooms  , we recommend placing desks or armchairs close to daylight. You benefit from lighting for your activities while being more respectful of the environment.

Energy saving lamp

Energy saving lamps – source: spm

2- Replacing light bulbs with LEDs reduces your electricity bill

Unlike traditional light bulbs, LED bulbs last longer and help you save significant energy. You can rate your performance according to your A+ or A++ category. Not only do they help you reduce your energy bill,   but they can also   change the intensity of the light for each room in the house.

turn off the light

Turn off the lights – Source: spm

3- Activate the “Eco” program on the washing machine and the dishwasher will reduce the price of electricity

Knowing how to reduce electricity consumption also means knowing the energy savings that technology can offer us. To reduce your bill, activate the “Eco” program on your washing machine and dishwasher. Thanks to this simple button  you will minimize both your water and energy consumption. This particular program requires a longer wash, but you win by making the change. Sometimes the washing machine tends to accumulate dirt. You can dispose of it ecologically and quickly.

save money

Save money – Source: spm

4- Only operating household appliances at full capacity is economical

To reduce power consumption, this habit is ideal. And for good reason, you use up a lot of energy when you do laundry frequently. To avoid this, wait until your laundry has accumulated in the basket before starting a machine. The same applies to the dryer   and the dishwasher. Instead of running it every day, instead wait to fill it with a pre-wash of the dishes beforehand.

reduce consumption

Reduce your energy consumption – Source: spm

5- If you don’t always use the dryer, you save electricity

To save time, the tumble dryer is the most practical device. It’s just that it’s energy hungry and can significantly increase your bill if used frequently. Instead, let some of your laundry air dry. An ecological gesture to save energy   that will have an impact on your wallet. If you want to save,   these ideas will help you better optimize your spending!

6- Unplug the console when not in use to avoid wasting power

If you are a gamer, this tip will come in handy if you want to reduce your electricity bill. Consoles often have a tendency to automatically go to sleep,   which wastes energy unnecessarily  . After playing, remember to turn off your device.

energy-consuming device

Energy-intensive device – source: spm

7- Turn off your box when you stop using the internet

Sometimes simple gestures can have an impact on your finances, but also on the environment. When you go to bed, turn off your box so it doesn’t use energy. You can also   invest in a programmable device   that turns off on a preset schedule.

Optimize consumption

Optimize energy consumption – Source: spm

8- Covering your pans can limit electricity usage

If this habit allows you to reduce your energy consumption, it is because it speeds up cooking. Whether it’s pots or pans  , put a lid on these utensils   when preparing your favorite recipes  .

If you follow these tips, you’ll use less energy and you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you receive your bill at the end of the month!