How can you remove stubborn oil stains with these tips?

Like grass, chocolate, blood and Betadine stains, oil stains are very difficult to remove from clothing. To remove oil stains it is necessary to act quickly. In fact, it is almost impossible to be successful when it comes to stains that last several months. If the stains are still fresh, these simple tips will be very effective.
Remove all stubborn oil stains from your clothes.
There are many stain removers and detergents on the market to remove stubborn oil stains. However, it must be recognized that they do not always keep their promises and are not respectful of the environment. They can also damage clothing or colors.

Fortunately, the tips you’ll learn below will help you remove stubborn oil stains more easily before complications arise.
For denim, linen or cotton garments, proceed as follows:

Pour a drop of liquid soap directly onto the stain and moisten the stained area with warm water before scrubbing. You should not rub delicate fabrics vigorously.
Rinse the cloth portion with warm water.
Pour a mixture of water and citric acid or white vinegar over the stained area to allow the fibers to regain their softness.
For suede or velvet garments, proceed as follows:

Pour some coarse salt directly on the stain and wait a few hours.
Remove the salt and rinse the clothes with a mixture of hot water and detergent.
If you notice that stubborn oil stains cover a large surface area, you can use your washing machine:

Pour some rubbing alcohol or a baking soda and vinegar mixture directly onto stubborn oil stains and wait a few minutes.
Rub the stains with a few drops of liquid soap to remove the alcohol.
Place the garment in the drum to wash it.