How did I clear a clogged drain in my sink? You only need 1 cable and it’s installed – I saved 50 euros on a repairman

Effective Methods for Cleaning Drains – A Guide to Preventing Clogs
Everyone faces the problem of clogged drains in the bathroom or kitchen at some point. The current models of sinks and washbasins are often not designed to easily clear blockages with a conventional suction cup.
1. Drain cleaning without dismantling the siphon
It is advisable that the siphon is easily accessible to work effectively. If the entire structure is hidden from the human eye, the success rate is significantly reduced. But what to do if the siphon is not accessible? There is an option here…
2. Drain cleaning with a flexible wire rope
To clean the sink drain, you need a flexible wire rope from which you cut about 20-30 cm.
Peel about 1cm of wire from one end. Be careful not to go too far.
Now fold all the wires and distribute them evenly around the wire rope.
Insert the resulting wire rope into the drain hole. To capture debris that is retaining water, rotate the wire rope around its axis several times. Push it in deep and pull it out easily. Repeat this process several times.
You’ll be surprised at how much hair and dirt you can remove this way. If the constipation is too severe and this method didn’t work, don’t worry.
At least you have cleared the drain walls of debris. In any case, this method will help you forget what it means to have a clogged drain!