How do you clean flip flops to keep them looking new?

If your flip-flops have unsightly dirt stains, these can be removed in no time with a few simple and clever steps. Find out how to have sandals that look like new in record time.

Flip flops are the star accessory of summer. At this time of year it is important to clean them thoroughly to remove black spots from the soles that can permanently damage them.

How do you easily clean flip flops?
Whether rubber, leather or fabric, flip flops are definitely the shoes of the summer. They are great for comfortable walking but can be easily damaged. Especially because you need to clean them carefully and regularly to keep them clean and enjoy these summer sandals. With this method you can make them look new in no time .

To do this, first fill a bowl with hot water and mix it with Marseille soap. Soak your flip-flops for five minutes and then brush them with an old toothbrush. All you have to do is rinse and dry your sandals and they will be like new.

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There is another method to clean your flip flops
You can use other techniques to remove the blackish stain from those plastic or raffia sandals.

White vinegar thoroughly cleans flip flops.
White vinegar is a useful acidic solution for many household tasks. This cleaning ally is also suitable for removing black stains from flip-flops. To do this, put some on a microfiber cloth and wipe the stains off the sandals. The dirt disappears in no time.


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In addition, there are various products such as talcum powder, boric acid, dishwashing liquid, baking soda , water, laundry detergent or even warm soapy water. You can clean your flip flops with these cleaning solutions by scrubbing them with a brush in a bowl of water.

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Can you wash your flip flops in the washing machine?
We may mistakenly think that we can wash our flip flops in the washing machine on a short, gentle cycle. However, this is not a recommended method. And for good reason: you risk damaging them , especially if your flip-flops are made with fancy patterns. Instead, it is recommended to hand wash them using the methods suggested above.

What if your flip flops were made of fabric?
If your flip flops are made of fabric or leather, be sure to wash them in soapy water. Spraying disinfectant after the shoes have dried kills germs and bacteria. Finally, let them air dry.

You have discovered that soapy water is the ally of your plastic flip flops to remove the black spots that appear over time. Instead of

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