How do you repair a rip in jeans so they look new?

We’ll show you  how to repair a rip in your jeans to make them look like new.  You have probably experienced the problem of your jeans ripping and at this point you immediately decide to throw them away. But what you don’t know is that you can get your favorite jeans back.

All you have to do is close the tear by hand and use that precious sewing machine  .  The aim is to avoid sewing marks from the outside.

How do you repair a rip in jeans so they look new?

You will need

  • A  scissors
  • A  blue thread or the same color as your jeans
  • From the  sewing machine
  • A  self-adhesive  fabric , which becomes transparent after ironing

What’s next?

  1. You should first  seal the tear with fabric or tape by  ironing over  a piece of fabric  . The goal is to make the thin, cracked part more durable.
  2. Use the sewing machine to seal the fabric  and make it less visible from the outside

This is an  effective recovery or mending method that allows you not to immediately say goodbye to your favorite jeans  . This means you can wear your trousers for several years without any damage or repairs showing up.

Please note that this tip   is also effective for other clothing items such as  trousers  , t-shirts , etc. You have become a true master of repairs and eliminating waste. So that you can get started quickly, you can show this tip to your loved ones.