Have you ever heated up the iron, started ironing and realized that it left a horrible stain on the garment you were ironing?

It happened to me just today and I didn’t know what to do. I immediately thought that I wouldn’t be able to recover one of my favorite shirts, but then I didn’t lose heart and started looking for a solution.

Before arriving at the happy ending, however, I had to make several attempts. Let’s see which ones together.

First try

The first thing I instinctively did was take a cloth, moisten it with water and try to eliminate the brown ring that had formed by rubbing gently .

But, unfortunately, this attempt did not work. In fact, the situation remained unchanged and I even feared that the stain had expanded and penetrated the fabric.

I really didn’t want to give up my beautiful shirt, so I opted to use a soap , with the hope that it would help resolve the situation .

What soap did I use

I didn’t want to use aggressive detergents, so I decided to use Marseille soap for a while , famous for its properties as a natural detergent with gentle action.

Hoping it could help me eliminate that ugly stain, I dissolved a few flakes in a basin of warm water , where I then immersed a sponge .

After that, I gently rubbed the sponge on the fabric for about thirty seconds , being very careful not to ruin it by rubbing too hard. The situation seemed to have improved, but was not completely resolved.

I then let the shirt dry to clearly see the extent of the damage and, in the meantime, did a bit of research that could point me in the right direction.

How I solved it

When the shirt dried, there was still an unpleasant brown halo staining it, so it was necessary to play the last card and use one of my favorite allies for cleaning: vinegar .

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Vinegar, in fact, is famous for its whitening properties and is often used to make white clothes brighter. Another point in its favor is that it is a natural ingredient , so it seemed more than fair to at least give it another try.

soaked a cloth in white vinegar and dabbed it on the stain until the fabric was thoroughly dampened. I left it to act for a few minutes and then used another cloth, this time soaked in water, to remove the vinegar residue.

Last touch

To make sure the stain went away, I thought about what another natural ingredient with whitening properties could be. And that’s when I thought of using lemon .

squeezed a few drops of lemon juice onto the shirt , right next to the part affected by the stain, which was already almost no longer visible. Then I let it dry in the sun.

Lemon turned out to be an excellent choice, because it helped eliminate residual marks and the shirt, once dry, was like new again.

How to prevent

Now that all my efforts have paid off, I don’t want to make the same mistake and, to prevent the same thing from happening with other clothes, I will have to clean the iron soleplate thoroughly .

In the past I have already experimented with a super effective method, which consists of passing a white candle over the plate , when it is hot but not boiling, and then rubbing with half a lemon to degrease . I leave you a video that shows you how to do it.

And now I’m going to use this trick right away to continue ironing without being afraid of damaging my clothes anymore!