How to avoid cold feet in bed before going to sleep?

During   the winter   we live the day waiting for the moment when we can go to bed   to   warm ourselves   and   protect ourselves   from the cold   that has accompanied us all day.

The areas of the body most affected by the cold are undoubtedly   the hands and feet   , these become like ice cubes and in more serious cases they can even freeze for a few seconds.

In order not to give up the feeling of warmth and well-being at least before going to bed   , we can take some simple measures that allow us to have warm and relaxed feet.

Let’s see together   how to avoid cold feet in bed before going to sleep!

Why are feet cold?

Before proceeding with the various tips, you need to understand   why your feet are cold   . Well, the causes are many.

This ranges from a   simple feeling of cold   to a   blood circulation problem   . For this reason, it is worth mentioning that if you have tried various remedies to feel the heat, but have not had good results, it is a   good idea to talk to a doctor   .

Other times, however, the cold would simply penetrate our skin, especially if we weren’t wearing double socks or heavy shoes, and make our feet feel heavy and cold.

It may also happen that some days we are particularly immobile and the blood does not spread properly to the hands or feet, think, for example, of those who do sedentary work   .

In short, the reasons are multiple, but unless you need a medical consultation,   discover the different tips to have a warm and deep sleep!

No to tight socks

We often think that   wearing one or more tight socks   before going to sleep  could be a good solution to increase the sensation of warmth: nothing more to complain about!

Tight socks do not allow blood to reach your feet   as they block circulation and the result is a momentary sensation of warmth, but then you will feel tiles instead of your feet. Additionally, you may also experience night cramps.

Therefore,   prefer     thin and light   sock and put on another soft wool sock   , you will see that it will greatly improve the state of relaxation of your feet before going to bed.

Get a massage

There are those who love them and those who hate them, and massages are an extremely effective natural remedy for   blood to circulate well   , since they stimulate certain areas of the body.

In fact, there are those who even do them first thing in the morning to have less tired eyes and a relaxed and awake eye area.
At bedtime, before covering up,   massage each foot for 5 minutes   , perhaps sprinkling some   almond oil on   your hands, which will loosen the entire area and hydrate your feet.

Prepare a compress

How often do you arrive very tired at the end of the day? So tired we can’t even move our feet.

In the past and even today, it is customary to take a foot bath to relax the feet and eliminate the feeling of exhaustion and fatigue.

You can also prepare a compress with   hot water   ,   3 tablespoons of baking soda   and   5 or 6 drops of essential oil of your   choice.

Soak your feet for 15 to 30 minutes, then dry them and you will see that they look like new! You can do this even before doing the massage.


The last tip, but not the least important of the above, is   to take a nice walk before going to sleep   .

Granted, it’s not the easiest thing to do in the winter when it’s actually cold, but if you get off and walk even   10 minutes   before bed, you’ll allow   blood to circulate well in your feet,   which will surely be warmer. .

These tips are especially aimed at those people who lead a sedentary life and do not have the opportunity to practice physical activity on a daily basis.