How to Change the Color of Your Beautiful Hydrangeas: Just Tap Water

Almost no one knows that tap water is enough to change the color of hydrangeas: it’s the experts’ method.

The world of orchids is fascinating , with their thousands of colors that change depending on the type. Additionally, they can sometimes change even if different items are used for their nutrition or hydration. For experts, it is a flower that represents true magic of nature with its particular flowering. But how to make them change color ? All you need is tap water.
Flower color, what does it depend on?
The color of hydrangeas is not only related to the type of plant , but also to the pH of the soil. This could in fact have a more or less high level of acidity as well as a basicity. Nature is an extraordinary world, especially in this case where the elements bring out its colors.

When the soil is acidic , the flowers take on blue and light blue hues. If, on the other hand, it is less acidic, you will have pink and purple flowers.

colorful hydrangeas
This means that to change the color of the flowers , it will be enough to modify the pH of its soil. You can decant the plant or use natural elements that can promote change: all this always with full respect for this wonderful plant.
These are little gardening tips that are always a pleasure, precisely because they not only help the plant grow healthily but allow you to discover something never seen before. As mentioned, these actions must always be carried out with the greatest respect for the hydrangea, so that it is preserved, nourished and hydrated as much as possible.

To change the color of hydrangea flowers, as expected, there are a few little tricks. Before seeing what happens with tap water, experts highlight how to change its color with other elements as well:

Wood ash is an element that should never be thrown away as waste. In fact, it is a natural fertilizer for all garden plants. In this specific case it will be enough to spread it on the ground every 3 weeks from March. What happens? The flowers will take on the beautiful color of pink and all its nuances;
Coffee grounds , the same goes for this ingredient which is always considered waste. In gardening, it represents a natural fertilizer, fertilizing the soil with nitrogen and essential nutrients. Not only that, the soil becomes much more acidic and the flowers turn blue;
how to change the color of hydrangea
Eggshells , natural fertilizers that should never be thrown away. This ingredient also changes the color of flowers by acidifying the soil.
One method that all experts use is based on tap water , especially if it is hard. Over time, this makes the soil much less acidic, which changes the color of the hydrangeas. It will simply be enough to use it to water regularly, achieving a perfect end result.