How to choose the best watermelon

Paying attention to certain characteristics of the  watermelon  when purchasing allows us to get the best and tastiest one. A good watermelon has no softer parts on the rind, it has no cracks, it is symmetrical and hard.

These are not just aesthetic problems: excessive exposure to the sun or a lack of water can compromise the  flavor of the watermelon . Below we list some characteristics of a good watermelon.

Color . A good quality watermelon has a dark, dull green color. A lighter, brighter color indicates poorer quality.

Peel . The yellowish area on the peel indicates where the watermelon made contact with the ground. If this area is darker, it means the watermelon has ripened properly. If, however, the area is lighter, almost white, or non-existent, it implies that the watermelon was harvested too early.

Weight . A ready-to-eat watermelon is made up of 92% water and 6% sugar. To make sure you don’t buy a watermelon that’s too full of water, try lifting two watermelons of the same size, and buy the