How to Clean a Dirty Toilet and Get Rid of Urine Smell on Sofa, Mattress, and Bathroom

Moving into an older home can harbor an unsanitary bathroom. Rust, humidity, stains are inconveniences that can give off a foul odor. Fortunately, a System D trick can disinfect this room and it’s easier than it looks. Find out how to eliminate this problem we could do without. And this method applies to many surfaces and could well help you do a real spring cleaning.

The stained vase, the bad smell that permeates your toilet or your sofas are everyday problems that still have an easy solution. To overcome these sometimes stubborn drawbacks, there are effective and economical methods whose results would surprise you. And the ingredients for these tricks are at your fingertips for simple but formidable use!

What are the intended uses for this method?

Sometimes bacteria can be a real pest and form a wet spot on a pretty vase. You tried cleaning it with many products but nothing worked! Rest assured, there is a simple method to solve this problem. Another use for, you guessed it, is a dirty toilet with a lingering odor. This magical recipe will help you remove vase dirt from this surface that quickly retains bacteria and can rust quickly. With this homemade cleaner you not only neutralize this olfactory nuisance but also purify the bowl in depth. To do this you will need products that are always present in your kitchen. Follow the guide!

How to clean a dirty toilet?

For this amazing method, you will need a cup of white vinegar and the same amount of baking soda. Obviously, you will need a brush designed to clean the bowl. At first, you will have to use it to rub the first ingredient into the vase. Then, pour some of this versatile white powder into a saucepan with a cup of vinegar so that the preparation causes a chemical reaction and becomes effervescent. Let this paste sit in the toilet, being careful to close the seat for 5 minutes. Flush the toilet and voila, everything is clean!

What to do when they are always dirty?

Sometimes this effective method is not enough due to long-lasting dirt. It may be an old toilet that has not been maintained enough. Fortunately, there is a definitive and radical solution. For this, get yourself some borax, a powerful abrasive with the effective baking soda. It’s a mix, so you’ll need to arm yourself with goggles and thick gloves. This method should not be applied in the presence of children because it causes a strong chemical reaction. To radically clean this surface, put a cup of white vinegar and let it sit for 20 minutes, closing the bowl. Scrub with the brush and finally add 4 tablespoons of borax and wait another 15 minutes. Finally, pour a liter of hot water and wipe off the residue. Magic, right?

How to clean a dirty vase?

For this operation you will need 3 tablespoons of baking soda, a tablespoon of vinegar, 2 tablespoons of cooking alcohol and a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide in volume 10. Mix these ingredients in the empty glass and let it sit for a few minutes. Pour water and rub the residue with a cloth. One less problem! If the stains persist, take a pumice stone that you will moisten and gently pass it over the parts in question. Do not apply too much pressure on this tool as this may create indelible scratches.

How to eliminate odors impregnated in the sofa and mattress?

Nothing could be simpler for this inconvenience and there are even two tips! To do this, you will need to pour 10 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide on the wet area of ​​the mattress. When this preparation has dried, the bad smell will have flown away as if by magic. If it is the smell of dog or cat urine, it will be necessary to apply this product at a higher dose. And here is a clean sofa. If that doesn’t work, here is another method. Then mix the aforementioned product with baking soda and let it act on the area that emits an unpleasant odor. Please test this preparation on another textile first to avoid lightening the color of your furniture.