How to clean an iron and its sticky sole thanks to a single natural trick?

If there’s one device I’d rather give up and never have to start over, it’s the  iron!

When we see that our laundry basket is growing day by day, we would all like to wave a magic wand to make it all disappear, right?

Unfortunately, it is a mandatory step at home, although it is possible to find tips to avoid ironing everything.

Also, one thing that should not be underestimated is  the cleanliness of the iron, which is very important to not allow  the accumulation of dirt. lime and prevent dirt from transferring to clothing.

Let’s see together  all the methods to make your iron look like new!

steam plant

Let’s start with the  steam generator , the element that undoubtedly accumulates the most lime. Great care must be taken to  clean it effectively without damaging it , which is why we only recommend natural and delicate ingredients.

Let’s look at the most effective ways to restore your steam generator!

The vinegar

The first recommended ingredient can only be  vinegar , a natural descaler that  has great power anti-lime , excellent in these cases.

Depending on the size of the tank,  fill it with equal parts demineralized water and vinegar , then turn on the iron to heat it up and let out the steam .

During this step, all the limestone will be removed naturally. Once all the mixture has evaporated,  turn off the power and check if it smells like vinegar .

If you smell a little odor, repeat the step using only demineralized water and you’re done!

Citric acid

Another very effective ingredient to use in your steam generator is  citric acid!

Like vinegar, this product also has  a descaling action useful for many household tasks.

Simply dissolve  150 grams of citric acid in 1 liter of water  and pour everything into the tank until it is full. Then turn on the power station to evaporate the mixture, which will automatically remove all the limestone.


Now that we’ve taken care of the steam generator, let’s move on to  the iron plate!

If the plant water is full of lime, plaque will of course also become encrusted and there is also the risk of transferring dirt to clothing.

Therefore, below you will find  all the natural tricks with which you can leave your plate shiny and like new!

Sodium bicarbonate

Baking soda always is  an optimal solution when it comes to removing dirt embedded in metal parts.

So it will be perfect for your iron plate! For this, you will need to combine  1 tablespoon of baking soda and water , mixing  slowly  until the consistency of a gel is obtained.

Then place the  paste obtained on a toothbrush  and gently rub all over the plaque to remove stubborn limescale.

Rinse with a microfiber cloth and you’re done!


Lemon  is also a great help when it comes to removing limescale!

The most famous and versatile citrus fruit in the world has perfect acidic properties  in our case.

Therefore, you will need to heat the plate slightly (it should only be hot, not boiling) and  pass a cut lemon through  half, adding a little baking soda on top. Once you have wiped the lemon, rub with a sponge and then rinse… the plate will be like new!

Marseille soap

It’s time to switch to  Marseille soap , another valuable natural tip at home!

Its  degreasing property and its fragrance make it unique , so why not use it to renew the iron of your iron? a>

To do this, you will have to moisten the plate with hot water and  pass the Marseille soap over it,  rubbing as if with a sponge. try.

Then scrub with a real sponge to remove the rest of the stains and rinse well to remove all soap residue.

Candle trick:

The candle trick  is a method particularly appreciated and used in the case of severe limescale; Let’s see how to use it!

You must first  heat the plate,  without making it too hot, then unplug it.

Next, with one hand you will have to  pass the candle  and holding with the other hand  a damp microfiber cloth,  ready to remove all residue.

The wax will help dissolve all the dirt and the plate will be clean again in no time. However, if it’s still dull, you can use half a lemon to make it shiny!


Finally, let’s see  how to clean the holes of the  iron plate from accumulated dirt and limescale!

It is important that these always remain clean, otherwise the steam cannot escape effectively.

All you have to do is  dip a cotton swab in the vinegar  and pass it inside the holes; You will see that as the limestone goes away.

Once all the holes are clean,  dry them with a cloth  and they will be dirt free again!


We recommend always consulting the washing and care instructions for the appliance before proceeding with the suggested methods.