How to clean crusty oven in 5 minutes using the old Japanese method

How to clean the encrusted oven, in just 5 minutes you can easily remove the most difficult encrustations from the oven using an ecological and homemade solution based on natural products.

Cleaning the oven using the Japanese method

By using products like baking soda, vinegar, and lemon juice, you can have a brilliant oven and, as a bonus, get rid of unpleasant odors too.

How to Clean Crusted Oven in 5 Minutes

Cooking with  a dirty oven can be harmful to your health , as limescale and burnt food residue can build up in the oven and produce smoke and unpleasant odors that can contaminate the food cooked in the oven.

Oven with crust

In addition, the  smoke produced by lime may  contain toxic substances that, if inhaled, can cause irritation to the respiratory tract and lungs. Finally, a dirty oven can also be a favorable environment for the growth of bacteria and germs that  can contaminate food and cause illness.

At certain times, such as However, in winter, for example, the oven can be used intensively and  difficult to clean .

Let’s look at how to clean the crusty oven with eco-friendly products. To  perform a complete and eco-friendly oven cleaning  , you can use a mixture of baking soda, water and a few drops of white vinegar. This homemade method is able to guarantee a brilliant result and eliminate odors without using chemical cleaning products.

In addition, this solution is environmentally friendly, not to mention  convenient from an economic point of view.

First, you need to  remove all baking sheets, baking dishes and racks from the oven and make sure  that there is nothing superfluous in them before you start cleaning. If possible,  it is advisable  to dismantle the oven door by lifting the side levers to facilitate cleaning the gaps and seals.

Pulizia with the vapore

To prepare the miscela, put  a terrina piena di aqua sul fuoco  and portatela ad ebollizione. When you start a ball, the fiamma and aggiungete un bicchiere di aceto spegnete la fiamma e aggiungete. Quindi si  preriscalda the forno a una temperatura between 150° and 180°  C. When the forno has raggiunto the temperaturea desiderata, spegnetelo and mettete the pentola with the water and the aceto all’interno del forno.

Lasciate agire il vapore per almeno tre ore  in modo che ammorbidiscono the incrostazioni sulle pareti del forno. Quindi si termina rimuovendo both i residui with the incrostazioni ammorbidite utilizzando una spatola or in alternative a spugna morbida.

Lime and bicarbonate for the inside

To  make the sporco incrostato dal forno , you can use another trucco which consists of a mescolare  170g dicarbonato with 3 or 4 cucchiai di aqua tiepida  in a ciotola.

Bowl and baking soda

Add  a few drops of lemon juice  as it is known for its degreasing properties and mix the mixture well. Then dip a sponge cake into the mixture and use it to scrub all parts of the oven, paying particular attention to the dirtiest and most crusted areas. Finally, rinse frequently with warm water.

To complete the cleaning of the oven , you can spray the parts that are still wet with water and baking soda mixed with vinegar, which creates a powerful degreasing chemical reaction.

You can use a bottle with a sprayer to make applying vinegar easier. Leave the mixture to work for at least an hour . Then rinse the walls of the oven thoroughly with a sponge and warm water, gradually removing all particles of vinegar and baking soda.

Finally, dry  everything with a clean cloth  , making sure there are no odors or dirt residue.

Then clean the  grilles and the oven door, paying particular attention to the joints . Sprinkle the  racks on a work surface with baking soda  and then spray with the vinegar until it foams white.

For a more thorough cleaning, you can leave the grills submerged in boiling water for a full day. Finally,  rinse the grates well with hot water.

Vinegar and baking soda

Next,  put the clean racks back in the oven and reassemble the door.  Make sure it no longer smells like vinegar. If there are still smells, turn on the oven and place a pot with a liter of hot water and  the juice of two lemons on the  lowest rack. After turning off the oven, allow the mixture to evaporate to completely remove any odors.

A final remedy that we recommend is lemon and baking soda , two very special ingredients that together have a surprising effect on oven crusts.

Practical advice

To clean the oven naturally, it is advisable to do it at least once a week if it is used frequently. It is important  to remove residue before it turns into limescale to  make cleaning easier. When cleaning, it is recommended to move from the inside to the outside and clean the crevices.

If the scale is stubborn, you may need to repeat the steps more than once. You can use a soft-bristled dishwashing brush to remove residue, but it’s important  to wear thick gloves to protect your hands.