How to clean fabric furniture with baking soda

Prepare simple homemade detergents that will help you fight stains, learn how to clean fabric furniture while cooking!

We spent most of our time in the room, especially in the armchairs, as well as in the dining room, which are the family’s favorite places after the bedroom; then you have to understand that it is very likely that they will stain easily; but don’t worry, it is not permanent damage, we explain how to clean fabric furniture using baking soda and another ingredient.

2 methods to clean fabric furniture

Baking soda has always been a good ally for cleaning, taking advantage of its powerful properties and preparing simple homemade detergents that will help you combat stains.

Baking soda and soap


1 tablespoon baking soda

1 teaspoon dish soap

1 liter of warm water


Mix all ingredients.

Place a sponge cake in the mixture.

Clean the stained area.

Clean with a dry, lint-free cloth.

let dry

Baking soda and vinegar


1 teaspoon baking soda

1 liter of warm water

1 cup of vinegar


Mix the ingredients.

Dip a cloth into the mixture.

Apply to blemishes with circular movements.

Go over all the furniture to prevent the stained area from showing.

Home Tips for cleaning a fabric sofa

Don’t let the dye dry or drip long after it gets dirty or spilled. If you let the stain dry on its own, it will be more difficult to remove.

Each liquid contains another capable of counteracting it. So if it is a coffee, wine or orange juice stain, we inform you that granulated salt or a little lemon can remove the stain.

Use plenty of water, even if you are dry cleaning, to dilute the stain as much as possible and prevent it from spreading.

Never use body soap, even if you know that its PH is neutral.

If you want to remove ink marks, use medicinal alcohol.

To remove grease stains, it is necessary to apply a quantity of pure baking soda to the affected area and wait for it to act by absorbing the grease.

Finally, try to do a maintenance cleaning once a week to prevent stain buildup and then more thoroughly once a month.