How to clean tarnished silver to make it look like new again

The silver objects are among the most precious that we keep in our homes: whether they are rings, bracelets, necklaces, but also cutlery or other decorative objects almost always have an emotional as well as economic value.

Silver, however, has a flaw: over time it tends to blacken and lose its natural shine. This is a completely natural phenomenon and, fortunately, solvable.

This metal takes on a dark and opaque color due to exposure to hydrogen sulfide in the air. The chemical reaction that occurs affects the surface layer of the object, and for this reason it is possible to recover it.


It is not only useful for keeping the mouth free from cavities, but can be used to recover tarnished silver.

Wash silver objects with soap and water, then apply a layer of toothpaste to their surface for 5 minutes. Finally, rinse with cold water and dry well with absorbent paper.

Dish detergent, salt and vinegar

In a container, mix water, salt, a spoonful of white vinegar and a few drops of liquid dish detergent.

Immerse the silver items in the solution and wait about 20 minutes. Finally, rinse with plenty of water and wipe with a clean cloth to remove stains and dry the silver.

Sodium bicarbonate

Mix bicarbonate of soda and water until you obtain a solution with a creamy consistency, which you can use to clean silver until dark stains are completely eliminated.

Rinse with plenty of water and dry with a clean cloth.

To prevent the silver from tarnishing avoid letting it come into contact with liquids such as ammonia, bleach or other chemical substances. If possible, store silver objects in aluminum foil and always clean them before and after use.