Coconut oil is an oil that is obtained from the fruits of the plant of the same name and is very sustainable. Thanks to its intoxicating scent and its multiple properties, it is well known in cosmetics for various uses.

What we don’t know, however, is that this oil can also be used to clean the house.

In fact, in addition to using it for the well-being of hair, nails and skin, this oil can be a real detergent useful for ecological household cleaning.

So, let’s see together how you can use it to clean the house!

NB We advise you to avoid coconut oil in case of allergy or hypersensitivity.

For silver and metal

First, coconut oil can be used to polish silver and metal that has lost its shine, such as cutlery, jewelry or handles.

All you have to do is apply a small amount to a soft cloth and then wipe it over the surface you want to polish. Finally, rinse with warm water.

You will immediately notice your metal or silverware shinier!

But the “ powers ” ​​of coconut oil don’t end there! In fact, it is also possible to use it to remove rust from steel in a natural way and without the use of chemical detergents!

For the shower

We know that having a clean and fragrant bathroom is sometimes truly a utopia. But coconut oil can also help us as a natural detergent for cleaning the shower.

Then take a soft cloth and wet it with a few drops of coconut oil . Then rub the soaked cloth on the shower walls to remove any residue of drops or soap.

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And here’s a shower that’s shinier and more fragrant than ever!

For the pots

How many times have you noticed limescale stains or rings on your pans after washing and drying them?

I imagine many times! You’ll be happy to know, though, that all it takes is a little coconut oil and your pans will shine again!

As in the previous cases, use a soft cloth soaked in oil and pass it over the surface of the pan. Your pans will look like new!

Leather and leather shoes, jackets and sofas

In addition to polishing your pans and your silver, coconut oil is also very effective for making dull leather, eco-leather and leather shinier.

Simply use a soaked cotton cloth and rub it on the affected areas. At this point, use a new clean cotton cloth and dry.

For cutting boards

Over time, cutting boards tend to become stained and dull. In short, they are not nice to look at at all!

However, a little coconut oil is enough to reinvigorate them and to reduce the incisions caused by the use of the knife.

Help yourself with a cloth and rub a little coconut oil on the surface of the cutting board. Coconut will help not only make the surface shinier but also more ” smooth “.

For wooden furniture

Wooden furniture is among the most loved because it gives the house a more welcoming and classic look.

Over the years, however, the color of the wood loses its intensity and the surfaces tend to become ” dull ” and no longer shiny.

And here coconut oil comes to our rescue in this case too! Take a cloth soaked in oil and make circular movements on the wooden surface you want to polish.

You will immediately notice a sort of protective patina that will not only protect your furniture but will make it shiny like never before!

For the parquet

Finally, coconut oil can also be used to polish your parquet floor. Then pour a few drops of oil directly onto the cloth and pass it over the floor.

We recommend that you always use a soft cloth so as not to scratch the surface. Furthermore, remember to let the floor dry for a few hours before walking on it: in this way you will avoid the formation of unsightly stains or marks.

And voilà: your parquet will be shinier than ever!


We recommend that you consult the manufacturing labels before trying coconut oil on your surfaces, to avoid any damage.

We remind you to always make sure that the coconut oil used is pure and completely natural.

Always shiny wood!

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