The washing machine is one of those appliances  that we cannot do without, as it does the hard work of washing all our clothes for us.

However, it itself is not free from the accumulation of dirt which often tends not to be so visible but still compromises the washing of our clothes.

For this reason, today we will see together how to clean the inside of the washing machine with DIY remedies!

Vacuum washing

First of all, it is a good idea to start with  empty washes , which allow you to thoroughly clean the washing machine and remove even the most hidden dirt!

To proceed with this deep cleansing, you can use various ingredients, let’s see them together!


The first DIY remedy is to use  bicarbonate of soda,  which boasts cleaning and degreasing properties.

All you have to do, therefore, is pour  1 glass of bicarbonate of soda into the washing machine compartment  and then start the  empty wash cycle at high temperatures. 

To avoid clogging the washing machine pipes , we also suggest diluting the bicarbonate in a little water.

Alternatively, you can also pour the bicarbonate directly into the basket.

Citric acid

After bicarbonate, there is another ingredient considered very effective for cleaning the washing machine thoroughly: citric acid , a compound derived from citrus fruits known above all for its being a   natural limescale remover .

Then, pour  150 grams of citric acid into a jug containing 1 liter of water and mix thoroughly.

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Then, pour the mixture thus obtained  into the washing machine drum and start the empty wash  cycle   at high temperatures.

In this regard, here is a video for you to see how to proceed with vacuum cleaning!

Hydrogen peroxide

Finally, let’s see one last ingredient to try if the dirt is very stubborn: hydrogen peroxide , which has a strong  cleaning and whitening action.

In this case, you will simply have to pour 250 ml of product into a cup  and pour this mixture  into the washing machine drum .

Then, start an empty wash cycle with a  temperature of at least 60°. 

In addition to removing limescale and dirt , hydrogen peroxide will also free your washing machine from mold!

Cleaning of components

If the empty wash is used to clean the entire washing machine , from the drum to the drains, for a deep cleaning we cannot ignore the individual internal components , which accumulate a lot of dirt.

In this case, we suggest you act locally !

Washing machine tub

Let’s start by cleaning the washing machine compartment, as this is where we pour the detergent and it is here that we often find mold stains or detergent encrustations.

To clean it, therefore, you will have to disassemble it directly and then soak it  in a basin  containing hot water and  two glasses of vinegar .

Finally, all you have to do is remove all the dirt still accumulated by wiping it with a sponge and rinse and dry before reassembling it.


Ah the gasket , this component of the washing machine is the one most subject to the formation of dirt and especially mould.

To always have it clean, therefore, simply pour a few spoons of bicarbonate of soda  into a bowl and then add a little vinegar as required and a few drops of lemon juice  until you obtain a sort of cream.

At this point, pass this cream over the gasket using a toothbrush, leave to act for a few minutes and wipe with a cloth soaked in  water and vinegar to rinse .


Finally, let’s see how  to carefully clean the filter . In this case, you will have to start by unplugging the power and removing the filter from the  small opening window  which is usually located at the bottom under the door  in front washing machines.

Then, let  the water flow inside it into a basin  and unscrew the filter by turning the  knob anti-clockwise.

At this point, remove it and pass it under hot running water to remove all the accumulated dirt.

For an even more effective effect, you can then soak it in a  basin containing hot water and vinegar.  Finally, rinse it thoroughly, let it dry well and  screw it back on .

NB  Before cleaning the filter, remember to turn off the water and do not keep the washing machine running.


Always turn off the appliance before cleaning the components.