How to clean the oven in 5 minutes: goodbye grease and dirt with the aluminum trick

Let’s see together how to clean the oven with the aluminum trick: we can say goodbye to stubborn dirt and grease. Here’s how to do it.

Cleaning the oven
The oven is an appliance very prone to the formation of dirt and impurities of all kinds. When we cook our food in it, it is inevitable that something will fall to the bottom. Bits of food, drops of oil or any type of sauce. If we don’t pick them up immediately when they fall, they will start to char and crust over while cooking at high temperatures. After that, it will be extremely difficult to get rid of these embedded residues.

This also happens on the glass of our oven: it is often very dirty and cleaning becomes very complicated. You have to arm yourself with elbow grease and a lot of patience. In the following article, we reveal a sensational tip for cleaning our oven thoroughly and without much effort. Grab some aluminum foil and dishwasher tablets – we’ll tell you what to do.

Oven Cleaning: This Method Has Never Been Easier
How many times have we looked at our oven and thought we needed to do a deep clean? This happens very often indeed. Given the difficulty in getting rid of stubborn dirt, we tend to delay the fateful moment or limit it to superficial but unsatisfactory cleaning. When the oven is dirty, you can see through the glass, and this is an unsightly factor that spoils the kitchen environment. Thanks to this method known to few people, it will be possible to make the oven shine again: it will be like new.

Cleaning the oven
All you need is aluminum foil and a dishwasher cleaning tablet. Any type of tablet will do.

It’s a great product for cleaning the dishwasher, but it’s also great when used in other contexts. You will need to put it in a container and submerge it in boiling water to make sure it dissolves completely. The amount of water needed is not excessive. Now let’s see how to perform this process specifically.

How to clean your oven with the foil method: If you try it, you won’t go back
When we have to deal with stubborn and charred encrustations, we must immediately put our souls at peace. Using a degreaser and a simple damp cloth will never be enough. This type of dirt tends to melt with the oven itself, giving rise to unsightly very black and charred spots.

When we are faced with this level of encrustation, we must act differently. The encrustations must be able to soften to dissolve and disappear.

To soften them we need to use our liquid solution of water and dissolved tablet. We dip a dish sponge in this liquid and start scrubbing the surfaces, both interior surfaces and glass. The sponge must be well soaked.

Thanks to this step we will be able to remove a first surface of dirt: your sponge will turn black. Then wash the sponge and wipe it over the dirty surfaces to remove any residue. If the situation still doesn’t convince you, it’s time to get the foil.

Furnace and encrustations
Moisten all affected surfaces with the liquid created previously. Then spread a sheet of aluminum foil to cover the entire area. Leave to act for at least five minutes.

Once the necessary time has passed, you can continue: when you remove the card, you will notice that all the dirt has remained attached to it. Thanks to aluminum, scale softens and disappears much more easily. Crumple the foil and use it to scrape off any residue. Then wash everything: there will be no trace of encrustations!