How to clean your dirty balcony after your vacation in 3 easy steps

After Christmas, New Year is the most special day because it is part of the life we ​​share with our loved ones. It’s time to celebrate, toast, confetti and artificial fire! However, all of this does not make our house dirt-free. On the contrary, especially these days we need to pay special attention to cleanliness. In particular, we need to take a close look at the balcony where we mainly spend the night to celebrate the New Year at midnight.
How to clean your dirty balcony after New Year’s Eve!
Before you start, it is important to give yourself some tips so that you can clean your balcony at best and without fatigue.

Remove or turn off Christmas lights and garlands: This step is important for safety reasons and could hinder proper cleaning of the balcony.

Collect the remains: New Year’s Eve is synonymous with festivities, which is why it is celebrated with confetti in addition to artificial fires. The remains remain on the balcony and should therefore be carefully removed with a vacuum cleaner or a broom with hard bristles.

Clean the blinds and shades first: While this may require extra effort, it’s a good idea to clean first if it’s dirty. The balcony is easily dirty when cleaning items, so washing them after cleaning the balcony would be counterproductive.

Now that you have seen the program that awaits you, let’s move on to the cleaning phase on the balcony!

The main element of this cleaning is white vinegar, which degreases, removes stains and cleans thoroughly.

Of course, if you don’t have white vinegar, you can use any other type of vinegar.

You can use vinegar for all types of balconies, except marble and wooden balconies, which are more delicate and require special products.

Fill a bucket with WARM’eau and add 2 glasses of vinegar.

Then continue washing, making sure not to get the fabric too wet, otherwise the eau could drip onto the lower balconies and contaminate them.

Take several passes and change the eau if necessary, otherwise the eodor will remain and the cleansing will not be effective.

For stubborn dirt, first rub with a soft-bristled broom and then wash with a microfiber cloth.

Wooden balcony – Source: spm

For marble and wooden balconies
As mentioned above, vinegar cannot be used on marble and wooden balconies.

Although it is rare for balcony tiles to be made from these materials, it is still important to know how to wash them so as not to damage them.

The most effective ingredients in this case are baking soda and Marseille soap.

Prepare a mixture of one tablespoon of baking soda and one tablespoon of liquid soap and mix until you get a smooth mixture.

Use a spoonful of this preparation in the bucket to wash the balcony.

If you don’t have a liquid version of Marseille soap, you can dissolve 1 tablespoon of chips in eau.

This mixture spreads a delicate scent and the balcony smells pleasantly good!