How to clean your iPhone or Android speaker (and improve the sound).

Little by little, the speakers of a mobile phone (be it an iPhone or an Android) become impure.

Dust, dirt, sand… and so on, and the best!

As a result, the sound from the speakers becomes weak and of lower quality…

If you want your phone to last longer, you need to take care of it every day. Not only do you have to make the necessary adjustments to preserve the battery, but you also have to clean some parts that accumulate dirt quickly. This is the case of the speaker grill, which must be handled with care when cleaning it.

How to easily clean the phone speaker?

There are a variety of approaches you can take to keep your phone speaker clean. They are easy and convenient, and can be done in no time. This is undoubtedly a necessary step to ensure that the sound quality and proper functioning of your device is maintained.

Clean the speaker with a soft brush

Cleaning the speaker with a brush.

To begin, inspect the phone’s speaker grill with a flashlight to identify areas affected by dirt and dust. Then take a soft bristle brush and gently scrub the areas to be cleaned using left to right movements. Be careful not to push the brush bristles too far into the grate, as this can introduce more dirt into the device. Finally, use a soft cloth to wipe the phone to complete the cleaning task.

Use masking tape to remove dirt from the speaker:

Scotch tape.

Another way to effectively clean your phone speaker is to use masking tape, which is the adhesive painters use to prevent surfaces from becoming covered in paint. Just like regular adhesive tape, it can be used to remove dirt from your phone’s speaker. Wrap it around your finger and place the sticky side on the speaker. The residue will stick to the tape, allowing the small speaker to be thoroughly cleaned. Don’t hesitate to throw away the tape when it gets dirty.

Clean the speaker with a cotton swab:

Cotton swab to clean the phone speaker.

To solve the problem of dirt in the speaker openings, there is a simple and hassle-free solution. All you need is a cotton swab. Start by gently rubbing the blocked area in a circular motion around the speaker holes. You can also apply light pressure on the grille. This will allow the cotton swab to enter the opening and pick up any dust that has accumulated. As soon as the cotton swab changes color, change it and repeat the process until all the dirt is gone.