How to clean your washing machine easily – tips complete washing machine cleaning!

A washing machine is one of the most useful appliances in our household chores, especially for washing heavier blankets and bedspreads. However, with each wash, dirty residues accumulate, which can damage the clothes and endanger the operation of the washing machine.

Proper cleaning and maintenance is essential to extend the life of your washing machine. During cleaning, dirt and detergent residues are removed, creating a thin film that traps bacteria and creates an ideal environment for odor development. Bacteria and mold that grow in the filter and protection of the washing machine can resist heat and strong detergents and eventually block the internal mechanisms of the washing machine or stick to the clothes, damaging them.

Cleaning the washing machine with white vinegar

White vinegar disinfects thoroughly and its acidity helps remove dirty residues. It also removes odors from the entire washing machine. Fill the washing machine with hot water, add 750 ml of white vinegar and do a short wash. When the wash program is over, add 150 grams of baking powder and start a new cycle. When finished, leave the washing machine door open to allow it to dry completely. Repeat the procedure once a month.

Clean the seal with lemon and hydrogen peroxide

One of the parts of the washing machine most susceptible to mold and odor is the rubber gasket due to the high humidity. Wearing gloves, pour 100 ml of lemon juice, 250 ml of hydrogen peroxide and 3 liters of water into a container and mix well.

Apply the freshly prepared ecological disinfectant with a sponge and scrub well, removing all residues and dirt. Finally dry well.
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