How to defrost and clean the freezer in minutes using the “pot” trick

An excellent tip for defrosting the freezer is to use the appropriate method. Everything happens quickly and effectively.

How do you defrost the freezer? This is a procedure that should be done at least twice a year. But even if you take the time to do this once a month it would be very helpful. In fact, this operation falls into the category of maintenance and prevention of the device, which significantly reduces the unpleasant possibility that the freezer we have installed in the house will suffer malfunctions and breakages.

Defrosting the freezer can be even faster and more effective if you use a few simple tricks designed specifically for this useful action. One of them is to use one or more pots.

How does this help defrost the freezer? It’s very simple and we can try it right away. Of course, the freezer must first be emptied by moving all the frozen food in it to another freezer or to bags for storage at subzero temperatures. Then we pull the plug out of the socket.

How to defrost the freezer quickly and safely
A pot full of water
How to defrost the freezer with one or more pans can now be put into practice. With the precise aim of eliminating excessive frost accumulation , which can ultimately increase the performance of the device and therefore the power consumption required for its operation, as well as preventing breakdowns.

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Let’s boil some water in the pots or pans we are going to use and leave it in the freezer once it boils. We then place clean cloths on the floor directly underneath. And if we manage to keep the water losses that occur outside the door as low as possible.

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It is better to place the pots on plastic plates or coasters and then leave them in the freezer, close the door and wait about twenty minutes. In the meantime, we can devote ourselves to cleaning the doors and drawers that we previously removed. We end up rearranging everything because our freezer was overhauled.