How to degrease kitchen tiles: This is the only way to remove all the dirt

Does degreasing kitchen tiles seem impossible? However, this is not the case, rather the dirt is completely removed with this effective product.

Cooking is a time for sharing and relaxation, but eventually everything has to be put away. If degreasing kitchen tiles now seems impossible, there is an effective remedy that can remove all the stuck dirt. This is a set of properties and benefits of natural ingredients that grandmothers have always used for cleaning and disinfection. In this case, some of them come together and create something unique. Let’s try to understand together what it is?

Degrease kitchen tiles with this natural remedy
Is the goal to degrease kitchen tiles? There are no problems and it is recommended not to use products that may contain chemical elements. On the one hand, these are harmful to the environment and, on the other hand, they are associated with high costs. Grandmothers teach us to use completely natural ingredients that, when mixed together, make excellent cleaning products even with heavy buildup.

The ingredients of this natural and powerful cleanser are:

Marseille soap 2 tablespoons;
baking powder 2 tablespoons;
lemon juice 1 tablespoon;
All of these ingredients are able to thoroughly degrease, clean and disinfect even over days. Plus, soap and baking soda can make your entire house smell good. The strength of lemon unifies and degreases even the most difficult and hostile stains.

How do you use natural tile cleaner?
When all the ingredients are in place, they can be combined to create an all-natural DIY cleaner. Melt the Marseille soap in a pot using the classic water bath method until a homogeneous and smooth mass is obtained.


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Immediately afterwards add the baking soda and mix everything together. Immediately after complete filtration, lemon juice is added: the cleaning agent for degreasing kitchen tiles is created in no time .

It is used directly on tiles rich in grease and incrustations, trying to remove oil and sauce as well as any type of dirt. Leave on for five minutes, then wipe with a sponge and rinse with warm water . Dry completely and repeat after a week.

The same cleaner can also be used on the steel of the sink or stovetop and applied to surfaces throughout the kitchen . For stubborn dirt, the cleaner should work for around 50 minutes so that it has time to immediately dissolve the accumulated grease.

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