How to deodorize the trash can using the clothes trick?

Even if we take them out and clean them regularly, trash cans can give off unpleasant odors, especially leftover food (e.g. a fishy smell), baby diapers or other trash that we throw away.

Those bad smells that spread in your kitchen can persist and penetrate your interior. However, there is a trick to get rid of them effectively. However, before doing this, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the garbage beforehand. On your gloves!

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How do I clean my trash can properly to avoid bad smells?
To avoid the accumulation of dirt and bad smells in your trash can, it is important to clean it thoroughly on a regular basis.

Put on your rubber gloves : Cleaning the trash can is not an easy task. So put on sturdy rubber gloves to protect your hands!
Empty the trash can completely and remove any remaining waste : This will help you clean your trash can properly without leaving any particles that can cause bad smells.
Wash the trash can – If you have one outside, take it out and wash it with a garden hose. Then dry with a dry cloth or paper.
Spray the trash can with a disinfectant spray : Use your disinfectant of choice and spray the outside and inside of the trash can, including the sides. You can use bleach or white vinegar during this process .
Scrub the trash can – Take a long-handled brush and thoroughly scrub the inside and outside. After scrubbing, allow the cleaner to work for 5 minutes.
Rinse and dry – Rinse the bin thoroughly and allow it to air dry or pat it dry.
Tray with bad smells
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How can you eliminate stubborn bad smells from your trash can with one simple tip?
To remove bad smells from your trash cans, a simple tip will help you a lot. Especially since you can save money thanks to the dual functionality.

Powdered detergent – ​​source: spm

– Detergent to eliminate bad odors
Remember that washing powder is an effective product for neutralizing bad odors in your trash can. All you need to do is pour a tablespoon of dish soap into the bottom of the trash bag . This not only brings a pleasant smell to your kitchen and acts as an air freshener, but also prevents insects or other crawling creatures from entering near your trash can. For greater effectiveness, mix this detergent powder with a tablespoon of baking soda. This unstoppable household product is used to clean almost anywhere in the house and helps deodorize and absorb odors. An effective duo for perfuming, neutralizing odors and refreshing your bin.


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It is also possible to replace the washing powder with lemon peel or a few drops of essential oil of your choice, such as lavender or eucalyptus. Repeat the process at least once a week.

More tips to avoid bad smells from the trash can
– Cat litter to absorb bad smells
This may come as a surprise since it is primarily used to combat cat urine odors. However, keep in mind that a small amount of cat litter placed at the bottom of the container will help absorb any liquids and odors that may arise in the trash bag . You don’t have to buy the most expensive litter, an inexpensive litter will do!

Ground coffee – source: spm

– Ground coffee to combat bad smells
Very often these coffee residues end up in the trash, even though we can use them excellently to combat annoying smells. Simply add the coffee grounds to the bottom of the trash bag and you’re done!

– Anti-discoloration wipes to prevent bad odors
These cloths have a dual function. They prevent clothes from fading by absorbing excess dye when machine washed. You can now use them for your trash cans. Simply cut the washcloth in half, lightly moisten it with a little cinnamon, and place it in the bottom of the trash can.

If you follow these tips carefully, you can find a fresh and pleasant smell in your kitchen and make peace with your waste!

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