How to dry clothes at home when it’s raining outside: this way you’ll say goodbye to humidity

It will be easier than you imagine!

When it rains, drying clothes at home is the only way. An increasingly common situation with the cold season, which is why some tips, simple to put into practice, could help you in case the weather prevents you from lying outside.

It is mostly about recovering the ancient methods of our ancestors, who always knew how to get by with very little. Without having many of the comforts that we use on a daily basis today, they had an inherent art of making do. And we only have a lot to learn from them, even more so because in recent years we have put this talent aside a bit. But don’t worry, because in the next paragraphs we will refresh your memory. Below then, let’s begin!

How to dry clothes at home, saying goodbye to humidity: the ancient tricks of our grandmothers

The first suggestion we would like to give you is to identify the right room , not too small. If we were in your shoes, we would avoid the bedroom, as you would run the risk of increasing the humidity to between 30 and 40 percent. Also, at least leave the window open for better ventilation.

Clothespins on the table

During the wash , perhaps set the double spin cycle . Although ironing your clothes will be quite a bit more difficult, you will have them dry much sooner. Dehumidify the environment by activating the “Dry” function of the air conditioner or, in the absence of an appliance, resort to an old method, commonly used by our grandmothers, based on rice and/or salt. To speed up the drying process, use a fan , if you have one , to point towards the clothes.


Shake the clothes before hanging them, so as to expel excess water. Also, try to leave some space so they can dry out and not stay damp . Place a basin or towel at the base, so as not to wet the floor.