How to effectively clean your stove burners?

When using the kitchen, gas burners are the appliances most exposed to heat and flames. Traces of fat can also penetrate. That is why it is necessary to clean them periodically to keep them as clean as possible. But it is not always enough.

To make them shine, forget about all those chemicals and use natural products to make them look like new. Who hasn’t heard of the ingenious benefits of white vinegar? It is the miracle ingredient for finding the smallest dirt residue and is perfect for cleaning gas stove burners.

If there is one product that cannot be missing from your closet, it is white vinegar. It is the cleaning product par excellence. It has multiple benefits: degreaser, stain remover, bleach, mold remover and the list goes on. If this product is missing from your stock, you should add it to your next shopping list to always have it available.

White vinegar is the product you need to clean and shine your gas stove. To clean them successfully, first remove the cooktop and disassemble each burner. Pour the equivalent of a bottle of white vinegar into a bowl (about 2 euros in stores). Place the burners in the container and let them sit for 8-12 hours. Do this before bed, if possible.

The next morning you will be surprised to find your gas burners completely clean, degreased and like new. Finish the cleaning process by rinsing with clean water and using a sponge to remove any remaining residue. Then store them in your kitchen.