How to eliminate bad odors from the refrigerator? Effective tips with a cork.

By storing corks in your refrigerator, you can quickly solve a common and annoying problem.
Bad odors are a recurring and unpleasant problem that affects many refrigerators. You may have removed the gorgonzola, watermelon, and wrapped the cheeses in paper, but despite these efforts, an unpleasant smell persists when you open the refrigerator. To solve this problem, simply put corks in the refrigerator.

But what is this trick and how exactly does it work?
Many times during our cleaning routine we neglect the refrigerator. Cleaning this device can be tedious, annoying and time-consuming. Additionally, proper disinfection requires removing all food from the refrigerator, temporarily placing it in another refrigerator to maintain the cold chain.
In theory, the refrigerator should be thoroughly cleaned at least every two months. No need to use chemicals: simply empty the refrigerator completely, unplug it, and then clean it with a solution of water and white wine vinegar (or lemon, depending on your scent preference). An alternative is to use a paste made with baking soda and water. However, be careful not to rub the gaskets excessively, as this could damage them and compromise the tightness of the refrigerator.

Once you have cleaned the refrigerator, you can try the cork stopper trick to prevent bad odors from reappearing as the weeks go by. Take a cap (or several if there is a strong smell), cut it in half and then pour a few drops of essential oil, preferably citrus. Place it on a saucer or glass, then place it in the refrigerator.

In this way, bad odors will be absorbed by the cork, which at the same time will release the aroma of the chosen essential oil. Of course, the cap will need to be replaced every 4-5 days to maintain its effectiveness.