How to eliminate black marks in sandals

Sandals are the summer footwear par excellence. Many people choose sandals to be more comfortable and cool. However, the sandals have a clearly visible aesthetic problem, namely the classic black marks that form right under the toes, caused by sweat.

If you are looking for solutions on how to remove black marks from sandals , you are in the right place. Below we suggest some methods to make your favorite sandals look like new again .

Suede sandals . To clean this type of footwear there is a specific trick, which is also the most effective. This is sandpaper, which will allow us to obtain incredible and immediate results, leaving the sandals in perfect condition.

Leather sandals . Leather is a delicate material, and you need to know if our sandals are made with treated leather. Just drop a drop of water on your leather sandals: if it slides off, it’s treated leather.

To clean leather sandals you can use baking soda, but if it is treated it must be removed with a cloth moistened with water and vinegar. This combination can work wonders on this material. Leave the baking soda to act for an internal day before removing it.

Plastic sandals . Most of this type of footwear can be washed in the washing machine and does not need special care. If the stains do not come off, apply a few drops of tea tree oil: it is very effective against fungi and bacteria that cause bad odors.

Cork sandals . Cleaning this type of sandal and making it last a long time is very simple. You need warm water, a bristle brush and a soap specifically designed for cork. Apply soap to your sandals, then wet the brush and rub lightly, without applying too much pressure. Once finished, rinse with cold water and let dry. Remember that cork is waterproof.