How to get rid of all the spiders in your house with 1 euro: you won’t see any more around there

Anti-spider product

There is an easy way to get rid of spiders in your home for less than $1. 

Spiders often enter homes, either to seek shelter or to find insects to feed on. These are small animals, of which there are thousands of species, spread throughout the world. However, keeping the house clean is often not enough to deter spiders from settling. There are several natural methods to keep them away from domestic spaces. To know how to get rid of spiders naturally and spending less than a euro, I suggest you read what is reported.

What attracts spiders to the house?

Spiders, part of the  Arachnid family  , live in different places and feed mainly on other insects, although some are vegetarian  These are  animals that can nest  in the most unexpected places. They are very attracted to cracks, crevices, the backs of furniture and ceilings, where they nest and weave their webs.

It is evident that  spiders are attracted to other insects  present in homes. Spiders are attracted to plants because they provide shelter. Very dense plant species, such as ivy, represent a valid hiding place for a spider to live and take advantage of. Additionally,  spiders love warmth and shelter where they can live in peace. 

Get rid of spiders

It would be advisable to always check that there are no cobwebs between the branches of your indoor plants. Spiders love to infiltrate small cracks, so to prevent them from entering the house, it is advisable to close the holes and resort to  natural remedies against spiders. 

Feeding of spiders

Spiders feed mainly on insects, making them carnivorous. It can be said that these interesting insects have a diet that varies depending on their species and the environment in which they live. These  little eight-legged creatures  love to feed on flies, ants, mosquitoes, cockroaches, crickets and moths.

There are several types of  carnivorous spiders,  which capture their prey by weaving webs, jumping, burrowing in the ground or camouflaging themselves. Spiders produce a substance that they use to make webs  and  trap their prey. To feed,  spiders suck the internal fluids of their prey  until they are completely dry.

There are  types of giant spiders,  which feed on lizards and frogs. While some types of spiders are herbivorous, because they feed on the nectar of some plants. It should be noted that spiders are capable of surviving for a long time without eating, but once they have eaten a good amount of prey, they can go weeks without eating.

Get Rid of House Spiders Naturally

These small animals, useful for the ecosystem, should be taken outside and never killed. The first and easiest way to  avoid spiders at home  is  to remove any cobwebs  when they appear. To  keep spiders away for less than a dollar,  simply use  peppermint oil  . Simply make a  mixture of peppermint oil and water  and spray in the corners between doors, ceilings, windows and sills.


Another valid method to  keep spiders away from your home  is to use  turmeric. It is a spice that is characterized by a very strong smell that repels insects. Turmeric can be placed inside pots and in places where you can keep them away. Placing some aromatic plants at home, near windowsills and windows, such as  thyme, mint or lemongrass, seems to keep insects such as spiders away. 

Wine vinegar  is also a good way to keep spiders and other insects away. Simply spray some vinegar mixed with water along doors and windows to keep them away. Diatomaceous earth  is a powder obtained from a rock and can be used to disinfect the house of spiders. Finally, to  eradicate spiders and cobwebs  , you can use  chestnuts  , which are placed near doors and windows, the smell of which seems to displease spiders.